The SPCAF Report: Autumn 2019

3 min read
3 min read

This blog series aims to provide readers with a report on how users are currently using SPCAF. It compares data from previous months to help build a complete picture of how SPCAF is being used, and this data also helps us tailor future SPCAF updates to customer needs.

Areas organizations have the most issues

Across September and October, security is causing our users the most issues, and supportability, maintainability, and performance follow accordingly. However, the number of security issues does decrease in October, while maintainability increases. Supportability issues are equal, and performance issues decrease slightly.

File types organizations analyze

We can see a significant number of users detect and analyze the following file types:

  • DLL
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Web

With JavaScript, CSS, and web files featuring prominently, it suggests many are developing client-side code. The most files analyzed are categorized as ‘other’. Although this number caters to nearly half the files analyzed in September, the number decreases in October. We would like to see this number continue to drop as we start documenting more and more different file types.

What rule-sets customers use for analysis

The steady increase of analyses being conducted using a custom rule-set is encouraging because organizations are customizing SPCAF to their needs. Furthermore, custom rule-sets are used the most in October, which is the first time custom rule-set has overtaken the highest performing default rule-set.

Default rule-sets are a good starting point for organizations to integrate SPCAF in their processes and work on improving the quality of their SharePoint solutions. But hopefully, as users become more experienced in using SPCAF, they can learn to optimize their governance and risk management approaches accordingly.

Furthermore, Sharepoint Framework (SPFx) rule-set is the fourth used in anlaysis in both September and October. SPFx is based on a modern web development stack and is a model that can be used on any platform with any JavaScript framework to build SharePoint customizations. To find out the latest SPFx news, you can catch up with the latest SPFx community call here.



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