SPS Munich 2015, 10th October

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Calling all fans of SharePoint, Office 365 and… beer! SharePoint Saturday Munich – better known as SPSMunich to all those familiar with SPS events – is a little over a month away. On October 10th the inaugural event will kick off and I have to say, it’s looking pretty awesome.

Having organized SPS Stockholm twice with a good friend of mine, Erwin van Hunen, I thought it was about time this much loved event within the SharePoint community came to Munich. I know how much fun these events are, how much you can learn from attending and also how valuable it is to hear from some of the very best from our industry. And with Oktoberfest finishing only a couple of days before, those attending have an extra reason to come along early and sample everything Munich has to offer!

So what can attendees expect?

An amazing venue

SPSMunich will be held at the Sofitel Bayerpost Hotel in the heart of Munich, and as hotels go it’s pretty impressive. Based in a Wilhelminian-style mansion, this listed building previously served as Munich’s central post office and is only a 3 minute walk from Munich’s main train station – meaning attendees can get about the city with ease. Once the event is over I’d definitely recommend checking out the swimming pool – its architecture is pretty breathtaking!

sofitel hotel

World class speakers

It’s not often you get 16 Microsoft MVPs, 8 MCSMs and 8 MCTs together on the same day, let alone speaking. We’re lucky enough to be able to offer attendees the chance to listen to the very top influencers and experts working with SharePoint and Office 365.

Jeremy Thake, Technical Product Manager at Microsoft, will open the event with his keynote where he’ll be talking about the vision for Office Development in the future. He’ll share Microsoft’s strategy for on-premises and in the cloud – so whether you’re just consuming Office or looking to extend its reach and build on top of it, his keynote will be a definite highlight.

There’ll be a number of sessions dedicated to SharePoint 2016. A special mention must go to Spencer Harbar, Wictor Wilen, Markus Hinter, Jussi Roine and Francesco Sodano who will all be speaking. All 5 are either/and Microsoft Certified Masters, Solution masters and Certified Architects. Only 5 people worldwide hold all those titles – in Spencer and Wictor – we have 2 speaking at SPSMunich, so a big privilege.

Add to that some of the best and most knowledgeable speakers in the biz – you can hear from Andrew Connell, Stefan Bauer, Paolo Pialoris, Mikael Svenson, Jasper Oosterveld, Waldek Mastykarz and plenty more.

Check out the full list here.


Tracks for everyone

Over the course of the day attendees have 24 different sessions they can choose from. These sessions are categorized into 4 areas – Cloud, On-Premises, Development and Business and aimed developers, IT Pros, end-users and businesses. Here’s a snippet of some of the great sessions available to SPSMunich attendees:

  • Introduction to Node.js for the SharePoint and Office 365 Developer – with Andrew Connell
  • Building SharePoint farms like a champ using Azure Resource Manager and Desired State Configuration – with Wictor Wilén
  • Getting started with the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Provision Engine – with Erwin van Hunen.
  • An IT Pro and a developer walk into a bar – SharePoint Search happy hour – with Thomas Vochten and Elio Struyf
  • Discover SharePoint – Build your village – with Antje Lewald
  • Building slick Office add-ins to impress your boss – with Jeremy Thake
  • Stories for the field on how to build an engaging intranet – with Marwan Tarek

You can see the entire session lineup here.

Fantastic sponsors

A big thank you must got to all 16 of our sponsors who are helping to make the inaugural SPSMunich event one to remember. With a special mention to IF-Blueprint, who are volunteering their services to make sure the day runs smoothly! Thank you guys! Everyone who attends will also be able to meet all the SharePoint software vendors in the exhibition hall.

Free beer and some great prizes!

One of the most popular parts of any SPS event is the SharePINT. Once the event has finished, attendees can chat with speakers informally and ask any questions they may have. It’s a great chance to pick the brains of those prominent in the SharePoint community. An added incentive? Everyone that goes can grab themselves a free beer! A win win.

For those who stick around at the end, there’ll be an end of day raffle where you have the chance to win some awesome prizes offered up by our sponsors. A small note – all winners must be present to claim their prize.

A day of fun and learning

As I mentioned at the beginning, SPS events are always great fun and a day where you get the chance to learn. Even if you’re a regular conference visitor, the value is huge. We’re lucky to have such an awesome lineup of speakers on show, talking about what they love doing and I can’t wait to get started.

So I look forward to seeing all those attending on October 10th in Munich wearing traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl!! 😉


You can keep up with all the latest news, as well as updates on the day, via the official SPSMunich twitter page. With the first 200 tickets selling out in 12 hours there is still a chance! Depending on our overall funds we will likely add additional tickets and release them in the order registered on the waiting list available at

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