Report out now: State of SharePoint and Office 365 Customizations 2018

3 min read
3 min read

Drum roll, please! We have released our third annual report titled: State of SharePoint and Office 365 customizations 2018. Earlier in the spring, we gave you a sneak peek at how the polls were shaping up. Now we have the definitive report ready for you to peruse at your leisure.

Our 2018 report, like its predecessors, continues to offer an analysis of past, present and future SharePoint usage trends by organizations. It also aims to inform readers about possible customization governance, migration and security best practices based on data collected and the set of hypotheses proposed.

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Our report answers the following questions:

  • Are people confused or generally unsure what best practice governance means for their specific SharePoint environment?
  • Due to multiple models for developing code and building apps, is managing the safety of this code more difficult?
  • Are developers struggling to build custom solutions in a way that will be ‘future proof’ and conform to best practice?
  • Is the rise of ‘citizen development’ putting companies at risk?

Matthias Einig – CEO at Rencore explains the focus of the report:

This is our third annual report that provides a deep insight into the way organizations use and customize SharePoint. In the past, we targeted a mostly development-oriented demographic, but due to the current functionality and nature of SharePoint & Office 365, and the potential impact customizing these platforms has on data security, we recognize that the customization topic effects a wider range of professionals and should be in the consciousness of many throughout the organizational chain – not just individuals with a technical background.

The report also features an exclusive interview with Christian Buckley, Microsoft Regional Director, Office Servers & Services MVP, and CEO of US-based company CollabTalk, discussing the findings of the report. Christian recently got ranked the number one SharePoint influencer worldwide.

Furthermore, a second exclusive interview features an in-depth discussion between Microsoft MVPs and Rencore product owners Waldek Mastykarz, Tobias Zimmergren and Erwin van Hunen regarding the state of SharePoint customizations.

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