The SharePoint Evolution Conference

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sharepoint evolution conference

April 20th – 22nd 2015, London, UK

When you’re fortunate enough to work in an area that you love, your interest goes beyond the traditional 9-5 working hours. You look forward to learning more in your own time, speaking to friends about the most recent news and sharing experiences with fellow enthusiasts via communities and social media. The reason? There doesn’t need to be one, it can be purely for interest and enjoyment.

Now, whether your passion is for the marketing industry, sports, technology or business orientated, one common denominator is individuals working in these fields look forward to that next ‘big event’. It could be the European Business Awards, the US Masters in Augusta or the AME Awards – all provide an opportunity to soak up and celebrate the best that an industry has to offer.

For us, and those that work in the SharePoint world, that event is just around the corner. Recognized as the largest SharePoint event in the calendar year the SharePoint Evolution Conference brings together attendees from over 25 different countries. And I have to say those attendees are in for a bit of a treat. The Conference has over 80 speakers lined up, many of whom are Microsoft speakers, MVPs and global SharePoint experts and has a whopping 160 sessions scheduled across 8 different tracks. In our Rencore on Tour post we described the event as ‘a bit of a beast’ and it certainly is.

“Is it for me?”

The Conference certainly has something for everybody. Whether you’re an IT Manager or Consultant, SharePoint Developer, Business Analyst, Development Manager, Project Manager, End User (both beginner or experienced) or a Business Decision Maker, there’ll definitely be a session for you. The variety on show is also excellent, topics discuss best practices on deployment, configuration, migration, upgrading, and development to name a few and are shown via demonstrations, videos, talks and one-on-ones. And don’t worry if two sessions you’re interested in seeing are happening at the same time, as every attendee will receive session slides, video clips and audio from the entire event.

Oh, and we should also mention that as an attendee you get a free premium quality conference goody bag filled with some excellent surprises (like an SPCAF sticker 🙂 ) and an invite to the after party at Café de Paris in Piccadilly. What more could you want?

Rencore will be there! Attending, speaking and sponsoring.

sharepoint evolution conference We’re delighted to be attending this years’ SharePoint Evolution Conference and can’t wait to hop on a plane and get ourselves to London. Every year this conference (and last years roadshow) seems to raise the bar that bit more which makes it such a great event to be at. The speakers and content on show are guaranteed to offer some invaluable insights and practical advice geared to help and educate.

One of these speakers is our very own Hugh Wood. Hugh is our Lead Developer at Rencore and has over 15 years’ experience of the Microsoft technology stack. He now spends his working hours focussing on SharePoint best practices and JavaScript, so is in the perfect position to advise developers in this area.

He’ll be presenting on April 22nd and will be explaining how to structure a framework in JavaScript for SharePoint, how to call Scripts on demand, how to utilize the SharePoint JavaScript Garbage Collector to your advantage and how to work with Minimal Download Strategy. He’ll also be providing some tips and tricks that will make your code work first time, every time. So if this is for you, come along to Hugh’s session ‘You don’t know JS about SharePoint – SharePoint JavaScript Context best practices for C# developers’

Hugh’s session will cover a number of technical issues, some of which we have blogged about and prove rather popular. Covering a number of topics, from Transforming customizations to the SharePoint App Model to Loading a JavaScript library from a CDN you can get a feel of some of the more complex areas he’ll be touching on. .

We’re particularly proud to be one of the companies sponsoring this huge conference. To have our name associated with the biggest SharePoint conference of 2015 is pretty cool!

Win free SPCAF Professional licenses

While we’re there we’ll also be offering attendees the chance to win an exclusive SPCAF Professional Edition license. Used by Developers, Solution Architects, Quality Managers or Administrators, the SPCAF Professional Edition gathers metrics, identifies dependencies, creates an inventory and assesses migratability of SharePoint farm solutions to the app model.

We have three available and will be awarding one every day in a Rencore raffle.

To participate you just have

  1. to find one of our team (Matthias, Hugh and Spencer will be there)
  2. take a selfie with him and
  3. tweet it with the #EvoConf and #SPCAF hashtags.

You can do that throughout the day (including the evening events! 🙂

The winner will be picked randomly from all tweets and announced on Twitter the following morning!

While these events may not be new to us, they certainly don’t get any less enjoyable. Indeed the opposite is true, speaking to people that have the same passion and interest as us around SharePoint and its capabilities is fun. We enjoy it immensely and are sure that this will be a great conference, and live up to its billing as the number one SharePoint conference of the year.

If you haven’t bought yourself a ticket for the SharePoint Evolution Confertence just yet, there’s still time. Use this discount code rencorevo2015 and get 10% off your booking.

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