Tidy-up your Microsoft 365 and stay in control: A checklist

5 min read
5 min read

Nothing sparks joy than a clean and tidy Microsoft 365 tenant, does it not? If you've been following us for a while, you know that March is the Spring Cleaning month at Rencore. Like in the past, when spring is at the doorstep, we take the opportunity to share some valuable tips to keep your Microsoft 365 tenant clean. 

As the spring cleaning month is underway, we're now launching a new Microsoft 365 Tidy-Up Checklist. This free resource now available for download, is a compilation of 20 ways you can maximize the efficiency of your Microsoft 365 tenant.

The new checklist offers clear, actionable tasks that your team can use, irrespective of the nature of your work or the size of your organization. This resource addresses the entire breadth of Microsoft 365 services including, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Power Platform, Viva, and more.  

The insights from the checklist can help IT administrators govern their Microsoft 365 in a better way. Not just this spring, but the tips included in the checklist would be useful to you all year around. Download your free copy today!


If you’d like to be up to date about the governance tips we share throughout the month, feel free to follow #SpringCleanM365 on X, LinkedIn and Facebook. To know more about spring clean month, read our announcement blog.

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