Typeform Data Breach

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On July 2, 2018 at 17.07 CEST, we were informed by Typeform, the service provider who hosts our online surveys, that they experienced a data breach.

The Typeform report stated that the hackers accessed data that our survey participants submitted and confirmed that it was stored in an unencrypted manner meaning the data was accessible. The information that the hackers downloaded includes email addresses and the names of less than 700 participants across several surveys.

Those who were affected have been contacted via email.

We are deeply sorry for this.

Typeform reported to us that the external attacker managed to get unauthorized access to respondent data and downloaded it. Typeform responded upon discovery and immediately fixed the source of the breach to prevent any further intrusion.

We recommend that you watch out for an increase in spam emails. Please be careful to only open messages that come from people or companies you know and trust.

You should also be vigilant for possible phishing scams, where someone sends you an email asking you to do something. Make sure you really know the sender and they’re not asking you to do anything unusual.

As an organization who creates SharePoint solutions to prevent against risk and data breaches, we take this matter extremely seriously. We will be in contact with TypeForm to see if we can help in any way.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact any of us. If we receive new information, we will send it to you. In the mean time, please also check Typeform FAQ for further information.

Rencore GmbH
CEO Matthias Einig, CTO Torsten Mandelkow


What happened?

Hackers accessed an unencrypted backup copy of TypeForm data from May 3, 2018 to retrieve information from many TypeForm customers, including Rencore’s survey data. The breach was discovered on Jun 27, 2018. The date of the breach has not yet been communicated by TypeForm.

Who was affected?

691 contributors from our Rencore Industry Survey “State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development 2015”.

What data was accessed?

The TypeForm report stated that the hackers accessed the data you submitted in this survey. Personal information that the hackers likely downloaded includes email, country of residence, first name, and last name.

What is Rencore doing to secure customer data?

All customer data is held securely with multi-factor authentication and/or encrypted. Data held outside of the organization is documented here: Privacy Policy.

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