Warm holiday greetings from Rencore

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3 min read

Rencore Christmas Story 2018


‘Tis the season for kindness and reflection,

as we offer our families and friends our affection.

Previously we talked about SharePoint transformation and risk prevention,

this year, we have an antagonist, ungoverned SharePoint applications.


The journey continued into the new year,

to a land that bodes of two men with no fear.

Upon finding two bros in Justin and Joe,

 joined us toe to toe against our common foe.


Across land and sea, we continued our mission,

and were joined by two heroes who strengthened our position.

Of whom we speak, specialize in campaigns and customer success,

please let me introduce you to Carolin and Mahesh.


Feeling stronger and faster we continue to grow,

but more resources are needed to hunt malicious code.

Our systems need protecting with second verification,

Idlir the fixer provides a shield for our protection.


Equipped to succeed and raring to go,

we head into April with so much to show.

A sales professional was greeted aboard,

meet Ana, a talent not to be ignored.


In hushed tones ‘twas talk of a security master,

who prevented SharePoint platforms from near certain disaster.

We welcome a legend, who we could see quite clearly,

would propel our solutions, the main man Liam Cleary.


Through dry summers our team powered on through the heat,

our next team member joined and took his seat.

Unassuming and effective is Momo’s forte,

as an air of calmness comes our way.


Now the team grows, we hire and inspire,

Sofia arrives to set standards even higher.

With a pair of designers reinforcing Rencore’s position,

Romeu and Dalia are superb acquisitions.


We’ve nearly finished but are not yet complete,

as we head into November there’s more talent to meet.

An events and marketing extraordinaire,

who helps organise great parties, say hello to Claire.


Besjana and Dzana came into the fold,

sales and admin professionals cut from the same mold.

And last, but not least, completing the three,

business analyst Goda crunching numbers at speed.


“I thought this was a Christmas story” I hear you say,

but alas, there’s a twist that’s coming your way.

Christmas past, present and future heroes, helped shape Rencore’s story,

and continue to guide our customers to eutopic SharePoint glory.


Scrooges would definitely not describe the two guys,

who orchestrate our team, experienced and wise.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never hear them shout,

just one cautionary message though,

don’t leave your Tupperware out!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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