Wishing you a merry festive holiday

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2 min read

Happy holidays from Team Rencore

With 2020 winding down we looked back at what was a very different year than any of us expected. So, we wanted to also end the year a bit differently, continuing but also evolving a beloved tradition.

Happy holidays from the entire Rencore team!

Though times are hard for everyone,

we want to say to you.

A big thanks for all the support,

and managing a hard year too.


Now’s a time for reflection,

with business nearly done.

We hope you catch up with family,

and friends, to have some fun.


Let’s look to new beginnings,

at moments, it’s tough, I bet.

Remember next year’s a new one,

no timeline’s written yet.


A glass half full’s thirst-quenching,

when you’re feeling parched.

A chance to feel refreshed,

allow nourishment to do its part.


We say goodbye to months,

which may have woven a gloomy gown.

And greet 2021

with that frown turned upside down.


We wish you a Merry Christmas

and a festive holiday.

We hope our warmest wishes

reach out to you today.


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.
See you all safe and sound in a better 2021!

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