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As SharePoint evolves, the applications you have built in the past might block you from using SharePoint to its full potential. The Rencore platform helps you find outdated technology in your applications and modernize them to use the latest SharePoint capabilities.


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“9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to very frequent failure during the upgrade.”

Easily modernize your SharePoint environment

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The Rencore platform discovers applications in your SharePoint environment ranging from scripts, forms and workflows to applications built by professional developers. It builds up an inventory of your applications including information about their usage and how they are built.


After discovering SharePoint applications, you review them and decide which applications to modernize and which to decommission. The Rencore platform helps you decide by providing you with insights on the application technology, usage and complexity.


Once you start modernizing your SharePoint applications, the Rencore platform will help you keep track of the progress and provide you with targeted guidance relevant to the type of applications you work with. For specific types of applications, the platform offers you one-click modernization options.

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Modernize your applications however you build them

Modernize your SharePoint applications on-premises and in the cloud, no matter how they’re built. Whether you have applications that you have been using for a while or your users build applications using outdated technology, Rencore helps you discover them and provides you with guidance how to modernize them effectively.

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Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them stay in control of their collaboration environments.

Rencore provides an amazing platform and has changed the way our organization approaches SharePoint upgrade and migration projects with our customers.
Chris Buchanan
Chief Technology Strategist

Thanks to Rencore, Lightning Tools has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs by over 35%
Brett Lonsdale
CEO, Microsoft MVP

A unique position on the market when it comes to code quality, transformation and platform governance.
Thomas Vochten
Microsoft MVP

We use Rencore's products and offerings to help our customers secure their customizations in the cloud.
Jussi Roine
Microsoft Regional Director & MVP

Super platform which we use in Microsoft as well to help our customers.
Vesa Juvonen
Principal Program Manager

The Rencore products make our lives easier. They provide automated quality and security checks that would otherwise require a lot of manual labor.
Maarten Eekels
CTO, Microsoft Regional Director & MVP