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End-users build applications to tailor SharePoint to their needs, which results in shadow IT. The Rencore platform helps you discover these applications and ensure that they don’t expose your organization to risks.

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Discover shadow IT in your organization

“By 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources.”


Regain control of your SharePoint environment

No matter how small, SharePoint applications expose your tenant to risks. Discover and
manage them before they become a problem

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The Rencore platform continuously monitors your SharePoint environment for new and changed applications ranging from scripts, forms and workflows to applications built by professional developers. It builds up an inventory of the discovered applications which you can then explore via your personal portal. The gathered data doesn’t include any confidential information and is accessible only to your organization.

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After discovering SharePoint applications, our platform analyzes them against its vast database of rules. We detect if your applications contain any known vulnerabilities or pose other security, performance or business continuity risks to your organization. For high-risk anomalies you can configure alerts to get notified as soon as they are discovered.

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All findings are presented in dynamic reports which you can use to get additional details and draw an action plan to mitigate discovered risks. Our reports vary from high-level overview, suitable for executives, to detailed findings required by developers to fix discovered issues.

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See how the Rencore platform can help you avoid risks in all your SharePoint applications.

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We respect your privacy

The Rencore platform has read-only access to your environment. It only analyzes the configuration of your environment and doesn’t access your content, documents or modify any settings. All gathered data is encrypted and available only to your organization. In case you need support, you can temporarily share the specific information with our support engineers.

Secure YOUR SharePoint environment

No matter if you use SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, your data is exposed to the same risks. The Rencore platforms helps you secure your SharePoint environment whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

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SharePoint On-premises

Protect your apps however you build them

SharePoint offers end-users rich extensibility capabilities. The Rencore platform helps you to discover SharePoint applications no matter how they are built and ensure that they don’t expose your organization to risks.

Microsoft Flow
SharePoint Framework
Full Trust Code
SharePoint Designer

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Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them secure their
SharePoint applications.

We use [the Rencore platform] App Security tools to check for security flaws in the environments of our customers.

We use Rencore’s products and offerings to help our customers secure their customizations in the cloud.