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Rencore SPCAF is the only solution on the market that analyzes and assures SharePoint code quality checking violations against over 1000 rules regarding security, performance, best practices, maintainability, and supportability.

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Find and fix bugs & prevent security issues before they go to production

Discover how easy it is to find and fix bugs and security vulnerabilities in your SharePoint applications early to avoid issues and deploy your applications to production faster.


Choose the single-user license pricing that fits your needs

Rencore SPCAF single-user licenses are available in two editions to analyze your code, such as SPFx, Apps, WSPs and scripts.

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SPCAF helps you ensure code quality, security, and performance. It integrates directly in popular development tools.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Metrics
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Inventory
  • Project Quality Tracking
€ 199
Per user / month
All SPCAF features PLUS the ability to measure metrics, understand dependencies and track the quality of your coded solutions over time.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Metrics
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Inventory
  • Project Quality Tracking
€ 399
Per user / month

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Want to integrate SPCAF into your build & deployment processes?

Everything you need to integrate full SPCAF functionality into your DevSecOps process (supports Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, Jenkins and more).
SPCAF Build gives your full team of devs, architects and admins control over the quality of your code.
€ 12.000
Per build environment / year

Let us tailor the best Build solution for you and your team.

All Rencore SPCAF licenses include:


Unlimited Analysis Runs


Unlimited Custom Rulesets


Unlimited Custom Rules (SDK)


24/7 Phone & Email Support

Want to automate code quality checks in your your build and deployment processes? Let us tailor the best SPCAF Build solution for you and your team.

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Assure code quality throughout the DevSecOps process



SPCAF offers you contextual guidance about improving your code. With a single mouse click, you can tap into our vast databases of rules that assess the quality of all kinds of SharePoint customizations from Farm Solutions to SharePoint Framework applications.



SPCAF integrates with your existing build systems so you can automate quality assessment and ensure that your SharePoint customizations and applications meet your organization’s quality criteria. Creating a SharePoint code quality gate before deployment has never been easier.


Test & Deploy

SPCAF analyzes solutions built in-house, outsourced, or purchased from vendors before deployment ensuring they don’t pose any risk to your organization. You can perform the analysis either manually or integrated into your deployment process using, for example, PowerShell.

Why is it important to detect and fix issues as early as possible?

“It costs 100 times more to fix an error in production than it does during dev.”
IBM and Ponemon Institute

Get the most out of your customizations however you build them

Make sure your SharePoint applications on-premises and in the cloud are performant and secure, no matter how they’re built. Rencore helps your organization to collaborate in SharePoint and Office 365 without trading off between security and flexibility.

See what SPCAF editions are suitable for your needs, and try our SPCAF PRO license for free!

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Rencore SPCAF single-user licenses intregate with:

Rencore SPCAF Build intregates with:

Rencore SPCAF Build is also compatible with gulp, MSBuild, Cmdline and PowerShell build and deployment processes.

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