SharePoint Customization Analysis

With the SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework (SPCAF) you can check violations against over 1100 rules regarding quality, security, performance, best practices, maintainability and supportability.


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Why is it important to detect and fix issues as early as possible?

“It costs 100 times more to fix an error in production than it is during dev.”
IBM and Ponemon Institute

Find and fix bugs early

Find and fix bugs in your SharePoint applications early to avoid issues and deploy your applications to production faster.



SPCAF integrates with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to offer you contextual guidance about improving your code. With a single mouse click you can tap into our vast databases of rules that assess the quality of all kinds of SharePoint applications, from Farm Solutions to SharePoint Framework applications. Because you can analyze your code directly inside your developer tools, you save time and don’t lose the context of your work.


SPCAF integrates with your existing build systems, such as Visual Studio Team System, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, Jenkins or Atlassian Bamboo so that you can automate quality assessment and ensure that your applications meet your organization’s quality criteria.

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Test & Deploy

No matter if you build SharePoint applications in-house, outsource the development, or purchase applications from vendors, using SPCAF you can analyze them before deploying them in production and ensure that they don’t pose any risks to your organization. You can perform the analysis either manually or integrate it in your deployment process using for example PowerShell.

See how SPCAF will help you optimize performance and security of all your SharePoint applications.

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Trust is good, verification is better

Purchasing SharePoint applications from vendors allows you to save costs, but could introduce low-quality code into your organization. SPCAF allows you to check if the SharePoint applications contain performance or security risks, no matter if they are custom built or purchased from a vendor.

Get the most out of your apps however you build them

Make sure your SharePoint applications on-premises and in the cloud are performant and secure, no matter how they’re built. Rencore helps your organization to collaborate in SharePoint and Office 365 without trading off between security and flexibility.

See how SPCAF will help you avoid performance and security risks in all your SharePoint applications.

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What our customers say?

Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them secure their SharePoint applications.

The Rencore products make our lives easier. They provide automated quality and security checks that would otherwise require a lot of manual labor.

Rencore provides our customers valuable insights into long-standing performance and quality issues. In addition, Rencore enables our developers to transform exiting legacy codebases to the new world of client-side programming.

Dutch company Brabant Water successfully integrated Rencore into their SharePoint environment and saw a significant decline in development time, technical support cases, and quality assurance costs.