Develop and verify
high-quality & secure
code and customizations

Software development should be fun, assuring code quality of an entire team and 3rd parties can be a nightmare. Rencore Code quickly analyzes your customizations to help you identify areas where to take action and stay in control throughout the entire application lifecycle.


Identify and resolve issues in SharePoint & Office 365 code

Performance issues

Manage the risks of your 3rd party libraries


Easily create a solution documentation

Platform sustainability

Enforce your own coding policies

Why is it important to detect and fix issues as early as possible?

“It costs 100 times more to fix an error in production than it does during dev.”
IBM and Ponemon Institute

Development Features

Analyze any code.
SharePoint, Office 365 & Teams.

SPCAF v7.9 update SPFx Analysis

Check your own code

Identify code quality, security, performance and maintainability issues in your own code

Verify 3rd party code

Understand the contents and risks of 3rd party libraries and packages that you use in your solutions

Find and fix bugs early

Save time and costs by identifying bugs early in the development cycle before deployment

Understand your solutions

Dissect solution packages, review the inventory, calculate metrics and visualize dependencies to plan refactoring or replacement

Supported solutions and file types

Supported platforms

Integration features

Analyze anywhere.
Your own and your teams work.

Run where you code

Analyze your code directly in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Establish a central quality gate

Run the analysis in your DevOps build pipelines to enforce quality standards for the entire development team

Integrate in your favorite tools

Make sure smelly code does not make it to production during deployment or identify it in production.

Run in PowerShell

Use the PowerShell-CmdLet to integrate analysis into your existing scripts

Scan your App-catalogue

Check your deployed solutions in the app catalog (coming soon)

Supported clients and integrations

Rencore Cloud Governance for Microsoft Power Automate

Reporting & Compliance Features

Report about anything.
Built-in and your custom policies.

Create detailed documentation

Generate shareable code quality and inventory reports to provide verification and documentation to your administrators

Reports come in following formats:

Track code quality debt

Stay in control of quality improvements and degradation throughout your project

  • See which issues have been added or removed from version to version
  • Track metrics
  • Identify code quality trends

Modify to your needs

No team or project is alike, extend and adjust to your requirements:

  • Configure custom rulesets
  • Build custom policies with the powerful SDK
  • Create your own metrics and inventory checks
  • Customize Word Report output

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