Modernize your SharePoint
Discover, Analyze and Migrate your Customizations
to SharePoint 2016 & Online

Modernize your SharePoint

Discover what has been customized on your SharePoint farm, analyze if and how the customizations are used, assess how they impact your migration and transform them into a future-proof SharePoint solution

Steps of a Successful Transformation


Gartner estimates that “9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to very frequent failure during the upgrade.” (Gartner, 02/05/13)

To avoid severe performance and maintainability issues and running way over budget with a migration project, SharePoint Architects, Admins and CIOs have to move away from Full-Trust customizations as fast as possible while maintaining the level of usability. This means either de-customization before the content migration, or transformation of the customizations to the modern development techniques.

The transformation of your SharePoint environment, no matter if you stay on-premises or move to the cloud, helps you to future-proof your platform and avoid an costs and risk.


Meet the SPTransformator! Our one-of-a-kind tool:

  • Discovers all customizations, developed or created with InfoPath and SharePoint Designer on your production farm
  • Assesses the effort and technical complexity of your transformation project
  • Analyses your SharePoint Full-Trust farm and sandboxed solutions
  • Provides guidance on how to transform to a modern customization approach
  • Identifies and eliminates non-compliant code and customizations
  • Automagically transforms full trust artifacts into CSOM, JSOM, PnP, SPFx, PowerShell
  • Helps you to de-customize your farm before you start the content migration


Automating a transformation project with SPTransformator will save your project team weeks of work!

Discovering what has been customized in your SharePoint farm and if the customizations are still used at all can already save a good part of your migration projects time and budget. The assessment itself can be completed in a matter of minutes instead of doing it manually, incomplete and not reproducible.

Code transformations to any modern customization method are a breeze with SPTransformator, even if you are not yet fully up-to-date with the fast-paced changes to modern SharePoint development.

As a bonus, SP Transformator’s management feature also allows for comprehensive effort estimations and risk mitigation.

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SPTransformator comes built-in with the experience and knowledge of Rencore’s world-renowned experts consisting of SharePoint MVPs, MCMs (SharePoint Certified Master) and SharePoint PnP core members.

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