5 Steps to your Successful Transformation

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SPTransformator guides you through the entire process of transforming your SharePoint customizations into future-proof and cloud-ready solutions – from the discovery and pre-assessment, the analysis of your existing customizations to preparing, planning and the actual automagic transformation of your code.

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Step 1: Analyze

Plan a new Transformation project

SPTransformator analyses all your customizations and provides you a complete overview for further planning. The tool generates a report from all your full trust, sandboxed solutions and provides you with a summary of their complexity, dependencies and expected effort for the migration of your SharePoint environment.

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Step 2: Assess

Assess your status-quo and track progress of all tasks in real-time

Once you have determined the customizations you want to transform you create a new project. SPTransformator provides you with a detailed analysis of this project to assess which components are inside, how they affect the transformation and gives you guidance how to proceed best.

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Step 3: Learn

Get ready and train yourself to transform your projects artifacts in no time

Based on the discovered transformable artifacts in your specific project, SPTransformator suggests training activities for your team prior to the actual transformation, to allow the project to run as smoothly as possible. SPTransformator offers content and sources for online trainings, recorded conference sessions, blogposts and articles  and allows you to plan and track your training progress in a Kanban board.

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Step 4: Plan & Track

Get an overview and plan your transformation in a Kanban board

Having prepared your skills, SPTransformator provides you with a comprehensive view of all artifacts of your transformation project and helps you to plan and track your work. Here you decide which artifacts need to be considered, how they are grouped to business cases and which ones are not relevant for the future solution and can be abandoned.

The kanban-style management view lets you drag and drop items to its respective stages.

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Step 5: Transform

Choose the preferred target implementation eg. CSOM, JSOM, REST, PowerShell or PnP

Once you have determined and planned your tasks, SPTransformator guides you through the actual transformation of the customizations and artifacts.

SPTransformator lets you select individual artifacts and transformable code fragments and automatically provides you with the transformed code in the desired development model (CSOM, JSOM, JavaScript REST, TypeScript, PowerShell, PnP CSOM, PnP PowerShell, PnP Provisioning Engine, SharePoint Framework). The tool not only transforms isolated code but also takes into account existing dependencies and road blocks.

Depending on your specific project requirements you can choose the appropriate implementation of the transformed artifact and assemble it with others in a new solution or add-in. Thanks to the automatic transformation, you can assure consistent quality and implementation approach in your entire team and easily update code fragments if the APIs and frameworks are changed by Microsoft (eg. SPFx)