Establish and Optimize your Governance
processes around SharePoint and Office 365

Customization Governance is critical for all SharePoint environments and it should be in place from day one!

Rencore implements Governance by ensuring your company has specific coding policies and rules. We streamline your governance activities through automation and continuous monitoring of your customizations.

Don’t get left behind manually governing your SharePoint customizations.

Three Steps to Customization Governance

Enforce Compliance

Rencore products enable you to discover what customizations you have, where they are on your SharePoint farm or tenant, what they do and how they affect your environment. Our Governance Solution provides you with automatically created documentation of customized functionality in place and whether it is in line with your policies.

Monitor Potential Violations

With your Customization Governance Plan in place and knowing how to enforce it, it is essential to continuously analyze and monitor your SharePoint farms and tenants to detect potential violations of your policies as fast as possible. Rencore products provide you the details, show what has changed, and track the progress resolving the issues.

Maintain Optimal Governance

By establishing, executing and continuously revising your Governance Plan with Rencore you increase not only the overall security of your SharePoint and Office 365 environments but also improve support for your end users to remain efficient.

Governance Products


The SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework is the de-facto tool to verify the quality, compliance & governance of customizations being deployed to your SharePoint on-premises and cloud environments. Catch errors in your SharePoint customizations throughout the entire development lifecycle before they go live.


The Rencore AnalysisCloud helps your organization to find, analyze, and track the customizations deployed by IT or made by Citizen Developers in your live SharePoint Online environments. Always stay one step ahead and receive instant Governance status reports on the impact of your cloud customizations.

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