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Modernizing your SharePoint farms and tenants should be your top priority!

Rencore facilitates Transformation by modernizing and migrating SharePoint environments. We help you in assessing your deployed customizations and their usage in your SharePoint farms to better understand your migration requirements.

We ease your migration to the cloud by providing guidance on which customizations to keep, which to transform and which to abandon.

The Three Rules of Customization Transformation

Create an Inventory

Customizations are the most overlooked road block for any given migration project. Rencore’s Transformation Solution provides you with a inventory of all customizations deployed or done manually by endusers along with the site usage, dependencies, complexity and more.

Knowing what your are dealing with and which site can be easily moved and which have the potential to stall your migration will leave you with no more surprises, just a smooth migration.

Evaluate and Assess

Now that you have a clear picture of what your initial situation is, let Rencore assist you in automatically assessing all available options and even provide guidance on how to minimize your migration risks and requirements.

Knowing your available transformation paths and de-customization procedures help you to avoid unnecessary efforts and choosing the best solution possible.

Execute your Transformation

After you have put together a game plan for your migration, it is now time to execute. Rencore steps in and automagically transforms your existing customizations code-base into a modern development approach of your liking.

Save time and money by avoiding to reimplement every single component of your customization on your journey to the cloud.

Transformation Products


This one-of-its-kind tool helps your organization to discover, assess, modernize and migrate your customized SharePoint farms and environments.

De-customize your SharePoint farm before you migrate, or transform customizations to modern development practices, e.g. SPFx and Add-Ins

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