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Our Mission

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Rencore is a software company providing solutions that bring transparency into the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 development process. It is the home of some of the most internationally renowned, recognized and experienced SharePoint and Office 365 architects, developers, Microsoft MVPs and MCMs.

Our mission is reflected in the name of our company: Rencore is composed of the Swedish word “ren” – which stands for clearness, clarity, purity – and the English word “core”. We optimize your SharePoint and Office 365 by providing you with a pristine core – the code base.

Our Team

Matthias Einig

  • 5 time Microsoft MVP
  • SharePoint developer since 2005
Image Team Rencore Torsten Mandelkow

Torsten Mandelkow

  • Former Microsoft employee
  • SharePoint developer since 2003
Image Team Rencore Tobias Zimmergren

Tobias Zimmergren

Product Owner – Cloud
  • 9 time Microsoft MVP
  • SharePoint developer since 2006
Image Team Rencore Erwin van Hunen

Erwin van Hunen

Product Owner – Transformation
  • Microsoft Certified Master SharePoint
  • 3 time Microsoft MVP
  • SharePoint Patterns & Practices Core Team
Image Team Rencore Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek Mastykarz

Product Owner – Customization Quality
  • 9 time Microsoft MVP
  • SharePoint Patterns & Practices Core Team
  • SharePoint developer since 2005
Image Team Rencore Hugh Wood

Hugh Wood

Lead Developer
  • JavaScript guru
  • Microsoft Stack developer since 2000

Denys Pizhyk

Senior Developer
  • Experienced front-end developer with a keen focus on getting things done
Image Team Rencore Ruddell Dyas

Russell Dyas

Quality Assurance Manager
  • QA and ALM expert
  • Working in Support & QA since 2000
Image Team Rencore Rob Hearn

Rob Hearn

Support & Testing Specialist
Image Team Rencore Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Finance & HR Manager

Martina Jovic

UI/UX Designer

Julia Ivanova

UI/UX Designer

Matthias Seidel

Head of Marketing
Image Team Rencore Christine Schuster

Christine Schuster

Events / Social Media

Lee Sellen

Content Marketing Manager
Image Team Rencore Monika Baur

Monika Baur

Customer Care / Team Assistant

Ashley Evans

Director of Sales
Image Team Rencore Michael Borell

Michael Borell

Vice President Sales – North America

Carlos Bravo Gilarte

Sales Manager
Charles Collins Hooper

Charles Collins-Hooper

Junior Inside Sales Representative

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