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Our mission

We at Rencore firmly believe that governance can be fun! That’s why we develop tools that help our customers to easily identify, manage and mitigate the risks of uncontrolled cloud growth by providing invaluable insights, advice, and empowering them to act.

Rencore in a nutshell


We are a B2B software company providing award-winning solutions essential for staying in control of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Azure, and the Power Platform. Our customers rely on our tools to simplify, automate and speed up their everyday governance, risk, and compliance challenges.

Our diverse, global customer base ranging from mid-sized businesses to enterprises uses our tools both as SaaS or self-hosted. Consultancies and Managed Service Providers build their cloud governance and operations services around our powerful solutions.

The Rencore story

From Sweden to Munich to the World

Rencore was founded in Sweden in 2013 by two SharePoint consultants who were facing the same challenge throughout all their projects: standards and quality of coded customizations in SharePoint wildly varied.

Their solution marked the birth of SPCAF, the only SharePoint Code Analysis Tool on the market that took the world by storm. It also laid the foundation for Rencore. Our mission back then revolved around keeping the code clean and pure (Ren = Swedish word for “pure”) to prevent issues.

Fast forward to the late 2010s: organizations are abandoning Microsoft on-premises tools and are taking off for the cloud. Rencore once again led the way, following up its code governance tool with a Microsoft 365 governance SaaS.

Today, Rencore Governance is the only tool on the market covering all major Microsoft 365 services, providing a single management layer and enabling its users to drastically simplify and scale their governance approach.

Rencore GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has an international workforce spread out all across Europe.

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The Rencore Leadership Team


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Torsten Mandelkow



Erwin van Hunen



Stefan Asen

VP of Finance


Michael Borell

VP of Sales


Jennifer Lee

VP of Operations


Matthias Seidel

VP of Marketing