Brabant Water: an SPCAF success story

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4 min read

We’re back with another great success story! Last year, Lightning Tools kindly shared their experience and success with SPCAF and our Development Best Practices Certification. This time, we have caught up with another happy customer, Brabant Water.

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It’s always nice to hear some great feedback from our customers. As a company, you spend the time developing a product and when it comes to release you know it can optimize a business’s IT approach towards SharePoint customizations. You sell the product and offer first rate support knowing that soon they will be applying development best practices when customizing SharePoint, and you provide the necessary after care that helps the installation process and customer support when needed, but from a business point of view, it’s nice to hear how your product has helped the organization achieve their goals – what positive impact have our software tools had on our customers business approach?

So, it’s refreshing when our clients take the time to engage and tell us just that! Brabant Water is one such company. They needed to find a way to standardize their development and interactions between development teams and operations. Given the fact that they not only use SharePoint 2013 to host an Intranet, as well as internet and a customer portal, they also host an extranet in Office365. A Hybrid approach was a necessity and SPCAF fulfilled the criteria and slotted seamlessly into their current approach. The hybrid automated code analysis capabilities of SPCAF acted as a quality gate between SharePoint and specific customizations.

“Customer successes like Brabant Water help other organizations get the most out of their platforms to make sure they do their upmost to secure customizations and not introduce risks to their SharePoint environments. The consequence of unchecked customizations can result in poor performance, maintenance, and data security” (Matthias Einig, CEO of Rencore).

SPCAF also helped them achieve the following objectives:

  • Exercise more control over internal and external parties that develop for SharePoint
  • Allow more control as an operations department
  • Implement across the board a standardization of quality in customizations from different developers. (better quality code developed by numerous developers)
  • Support the lead developer in performing a robust and high-quality code review

Thanks to SPCAF, Brabant Water has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs significantly. Developers have really become accustomed to working with SPCAF as part of their daily activities, ensuring that as they write code, they are already following best practices. Consequently, SPCAF is a skills improvement tool, leading to greater staff productivity and satisfaction.

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About Brabant Water: Brabant Water is a water company that supplies fresh drinking water to 2.5 million inhabitants and companies in North Brabant, Netherlands. 800 employees ensure that their customers can count on clean and safe drinking water anywhere in Brabant. They do not strive for profit, but only for the best quality and service. Brabant Water also offers custom and specialized water services and advice in addition to drinking water.

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