Customizing SharePoint and Office 365: Infographic

2 min read
2 min read

With our brand new SharePoint and Office 365 infographic, we conclude our series looking at the insights from our State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development survey. Part 1 looked at the profile of respondents, Part 2 at SharePoint in the Workplace. Part 3 took a deep dive into How and Why is the community customizing SharePoint? We also summarized one of the report’s exclusive interviews for you: The State of SharePoint and Office 365 Development: an interview with Jeremy Thake of Microsoft . 

Now the detailed report on the full results, along with our exclusive analysis, is finally released. If you did not get your free copy already, make sure to order our comprehensive, first-of-its-kind report here.

The SharePoint and Office 365 infographic

For all slow readers and folks finding no time reading the full report in the busy pre-holiday season, we decided to provide you with the complimentary infographic to our report. The customizing SharePoint and Office 365 infographic takes all the numbers and findings from the report and sums them up in one place – without the text.

Enjoy and if you like it, please share.

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Office 365 infographic


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