Office 365 migration report: Gartner recognizes Rencore as the SharePoint applications modernization specialist

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3 min read

We are delighted to announce our inclusion in the recent Gartner reportHow to Successfully Migrate Documents and Collaboration Processes to Office 365”. The report offers guidance for successfully migrating content services and file sharing platforms to Office 365. Within the report, Gartner confirms applications and customizations as common roadblocks when undertaking migration projects from SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online, and Rencore is mentioned as the company addressing this challenge.

Migrating to Office 365 is not just a case of up-heaving elements and moving them to the cloud. Therefore, there are many facets to consider when undertaking a migration project, and while there are many other great tools that focus on specifically migrating content, Rencore is the specialist who helps discover and modernize incompatible customizations and applications, such as forms, workflows, and coded solutions.

Rencore’s modernization component performs a detailed automated inventory allowing organizations to analyze existing SharePoint farms and identify customizations and applications. It then helps organizations assess by providing insights into the customization and application technology, usage and complexity. Throughout the modernization process, Rencore helps track progress and provides targeted guidance relevant to the type of customizations and applications being used.

Matthias Einig MVP, CEO and co-founder at Rencore reflects on the recognition from Gartner:

Being recognized by Gartner as the company to help organizations successfully modernize incompatible SharePoint customizations is yet another validation of the unique benefit our solutions provide our customers with, addressing and solving a very special but also very real pain point. Our ability to help organizations achieve their migration goal makes us part of a group of trusted leading organizations who provide the go-to tools for migrating and modernizing SharePoint environments.

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