Rencore Governance monthly update: April 2023

3 min read
3 min read

Hello, and welcome back to our product update!

The spring holiday period is on the horizon, and the second business quarter is underway. Let’s see what new treats Rencore Governance has delivered for you all this month.

We have a nice little update to our automagical deep inventory engine, new automated actions, a change in name to one of our pillar features, a new property for cleaning up Azure AD groups, and more.

Check out our feature update video here!

Inventory Search Bar

The inventory is a big part of what makes Rencore Governance unique. Its powerful engine pulls masses of data from multiple admin centers and buckets them into object topics. Collecting and sorting data in this way means you receive a deep, detailed analysis of how objects interact and relate to each other. The deep inventory is so extensive that we have added a search bar so you can easily search and access objects and their details at the click of a button.

Automation and built-in action: Restore Site Collection from recycle bin

SharePoint sites are the perfect starting point for content collaboration. However, they are also one of the main contributors to clutter – so it is understandable that unused ones often find their way to the recycle bin. However, in case you were a little hasty, we have added an automation template and a built-in action that lets you restore SharePoint site collections.

New Property to show the Source for Distribution Group

A popular user feedback question we received recently was the want to identify the source of Azure AD Groups for those running a hybrid environment. Therefore, the new Property: show the source for Distribution Group allows you to create separate automations to clean up on-premises and cloud distribution groups.

Renaming pillar feature Checks to Compliance

This next update is a change in name to one of our core pillar features, Checks. At their essence, Checks are governance policies that allow you to monitor the compliance of your Microsoft 365 services according to your unique governance framework. Therefore, Our Checks pillar is now called Compliance, and our Check templates are called Policies. You can choose from over 100 fully customizable policy templates or build your own and track their violations over time.


Get in contact

Please drop us a message at if you have any features that you would love to see in our future updates. Rencore Governance will continue to grow with the ever-changing Microsoft 365 landscape, and we want your unique needs to be a part of that!

Until next time, have a great day, happy governing and see you next month!

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