Rencore Governance monthly update: March edition!

2 min read
2 min read

Spring is a memorable time for everyone here at Rencore as we mark Rencore Governance’s first birthday!

Within that time, we have onboarded organizations with a combined 285,000 licensed users, while keeping a 90/100 NPS (Net Promoter Score), which we are incredibly proud of and strive to continuously improve.

To mark the first anniversary of Rencore, we have a couple of important feature updates. We have begun a roll out of the Asia Pacific data center region to Rencore Governance’s coverage and expanded our Azure AD (Active Directory) Checks library. Furthermore, we have a quick sneak preview of our built-in automation release.

Check out our feature update video here!

Asia Pacific Data Center

One mission of Rencore is to consistently deliver a governance tool that centralizes data easily and allows you to quickly assess and act. Opening Rencore Governance up to more data centers helps us achieve this mission. We can now offer customers the chance to connect to the Asia Pacific as well as America and Europe data center regions, meaning fast delivery of data globally.

New Checks

As always, with our monthly product updates, we continue to grow our pre-built checks-library. This month’s lucky service is Azure AD which receives two new Checks to ramp up your governance efforts. they are:

  • Enterprise applications (SharePoint Add-Ins) with expired certificates or client secrets
  • Enterprise applications (SharePoint Add-Ins) with certificates or client secrets

Built-in Automations

Here comes a little sneak preview of our built-in automations.

Soon, you will be able to trigger certain actions directly from an object – meaning you can skip the traditional method of setting up certain automations (although you still can if you want to). The following built-in automations are:

  • Enable or disable a user
  • Add or remove users from a group
  • Delete group
  • Add or remove users from a team
  • Add or remove a user from a Sharepoint site
  • Remove a user from a Sharepoint site collection
  • Archive or unarchive team
  • Delete team

What’s more, you can perform bulk actions by selecting multiple objects at once and assigning quick-fire automation – all in the name of efficiency!

We value your opinion!

We have one final message for you today. If you are enjoying using Rencore Governance please, spread the word! We are currently looking for Rencore Governance ratings on G2 and we need your help. It will only take one minute of your time. Thank you so much for your support.

Until next time, have a wonderful day, happy governing, and see you next month!

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