SPCAF v6.9 is out with support for SharePoint Framework RC0

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3 min read

We have just released  SPCAF v6.9 which supports analysis of solutions built with the SharePoint Framework Release Candidate 0.

SharePoint Framework Release Candidate 0

Recently Microsoft released the Release Candidate 0 of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx RC0) – a new model for building SharePoint customizations. The Release Candidate 0 is an important milestone towards the general availability of the SharePoint Framework and contains a number of improvements and changes comparing to the previously available developer preview.

Analyze SharePoint Framework solutions with SPCAF

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is the market standard solution used by the biggest organizations in the world working with SharePoint, to ensure that their customizations meet their security and governance regulations. With SPCAF you can analyze SharePoint Framework customizations in the following of key areas:

  • Security, which helps administrators and SharePoint platform owners ensure that the customizations are built according to your security regulations,
  • Correctness, which makes developers more productive by detecting common mistakes earlier and providing correct implementation guidance,
  • Best Practices, which suggests improvements based on years of experience with building SharePoint customizations and client-side solutions
  • Performance, which helps administrators and developers ensure, that the portal using your client-side solutions will work fast even on mobile devices

SPCAF integrates with the complete lifecycle management of SharePoint customizations so that meeting the quality requirements is no afterthought. Farm protection capabilities provided by SPCAF help administrators verify, that only customizations that meet the organization quality standards are deployed to production. By integrating SPCAF in the build system, team leads and quality managers can track the quality of customizations over time. And because SPCAF integrates with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, developers can analyze their work before committing it, discovering and fixing potential issues earlier.

Please also check our Release Notes for further information.

Assess and manage your customization migration with SPTransformator

In the past, SPCAF included a code migration assessment that you could use to see how to transform specific artifacts in your solution to the SharePoint add-in model. Over the last few years, Microsoft invested heavily in guidance, teaching developers how they can benefit from the add-in model and remote provisioning capabilities on the SharePoint platform.

As the add-in model capabilities improved, we decided, that our users needed a more powerful solution to transform their customizations. Not only to update the actual code but also to learn about the different approaches available to them and manage the overall progress of their transformation projects.

This is why last year we launched the SPTransformator: the only solution in the market that allows you to transform your SharePoint customizations to the cloud-ready development models. Even if you are hosting SharePoint on premises, there are a number of benefits for you to consider using the cloud-ready models for your customizations. With SPTransformator you will transform your existing investments efficiently, saving time and money that you can spend on adding more value to your organization. For more information about SPTransformator visit

With the release of SPTransformator, we decided to remove the Code Migration Assessment part from SPCAF. With two separate solutions, we hope to clearer address their purpose:

  • SPTransformator for transforming existing investments to cloud-ready development models,
  • SPCAF for ensuring that customizations meet the organizational quality bar.

Try the new SPCAF now

If you’re researching the new SharePoint Framework in your organization, we would highly recommend that you try analyzing them with SPCAF and see how you can improve your solutions.

If you’re researching the new SharePoint Framework in your organization, we would highly recommend that you try analyzing them with SPCAF and see how you can improve your solutions. If you have existing customization investments built for SharePoint on-premises, we would encourage you to run the pre-assessment using SPTransformator to see what effort would be required for you to benefit from the cloud-ready development models.

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