It’s all about trust!

Our culture

Our company culture has been the foundation of our success at Rencore. Trail-blazing with remote working since the beginning of the last decade, we have always given our teams the autonomy to do their best work in a way that suits their circumstances.
Our meticulous hiring process means we take time to ensure our new team members feel that Rencore is a place they can call home. We are diverse in gender, nationality, and age, and our team consists of ambitious individuals passionate about work and life, helping us grow with innovative ideas. Collaboration and communication are paramount, but we also enjoy a good laugh and Bavarian pretzels. Oh, and of course, we strive to win!

Our "Correct" values

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We live by "Communication is key"

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We encourage and support new ideas and initiatives

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We value and treat everyone with dignity and professionalism

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We reflect upon our actions to become our best version everyday

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We take initiative, learn, grow as part of the team

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We take smart risks

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The foundation of our working relationship

Why choose us

We understand that attracting and engaging incredible employees requires the provision of all the necessary support to assist them in achieving their highest potential.

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Work from anywhere
Whether remote or from our modern office in the heart of Munich – rooftop terrace included.
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Flexible Work Hours
We respect and promote your individual work-life balance by offering flexible work hours.
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Unlimited Vacation
Whether near or far, take time off and unplug. Yes, we actually mean it.
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Professional Development Budget
We help facilitate and support your growth and development.
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Choice of equipment
You can choose between a Microsoft
or Apple laptop.
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Work up to 180 days abroad
(within -/+1 CET).
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Well-being Support
We continuously offer initiatives to promote your well-being and resilience.
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Recruiting Referral Bonuses
Successfully refer a new team member and snag some cash for yourself.
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Enjoy your Birthday!
All employees are eligible to take their birthday off as paid leave.

Life at Rencore

Collaboration and communication are paramount, but we also enjoy a good laugh.