Microsoft 365 Governance
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The easy way to declutter Microsoft 365

Our tool Rencore Governance provides you with maximum flexibility and efficiency in your governance approach for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform.

Once connected, click on the declutter dashboard overview. You have an instant overview of your platform lifecycle management status and pre-built Checks. You are all set to declutter Microsoft 365 today!

Step 1: Organizational Setup

How many employees are in your organization?


Step 2: Prioritize Challenges

Platform Costs
Fluctuating and hidden costs across multiple M365 services

Non criticalCritical

Data Access & Sharing
Transferring and accessing data internally and externally

Non criticalCritical

Clutter and Cloud Sprawl
Sites, groups, teams and apps created at multiple endpoints

Non criticalCritical

Service Adoption
Adopting multiple M365 services to achieve business goals

Non criticalCritical

Service Lifecycle Management
Performance and availability of multiple M365 services

Non criticalCritical

User Management
Onboarding, manging, and offboarding M365 users

Non criticalCritical

Sustainable IT
Reducing storage and unnecessary computing capacity

Non criticalCritical

Your Savings


/ after 1 year


/ 3 year projection

Value Breakdown

Contributing Factor Breakdown



after 1 year

Maintaining a healthy tenant means identifying and eradicating orphaned sites, groups, teams and apps. Decluttering and managing end user activity quickly and consistently with helps keep your Microsoft 365 environment optimal all the time.

Licensing & Storage


after 1 year

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep an eye on licenses and data as Microsoft 365 adoption takes off. Locating unused, disabled, and inappropriately assigned licenses and files with Rencore Governance helps you control excess licensing and storage costs.



after 1 year

For businesses to collaborate effectively, the required services and processes must be always available and running correctly. Instantly address expiring solutions and broken services by using Rencore Governance to automate notifications and resolve issues.



after 1 year

Building scripts and relying on IT to manually govern end-user activity requires significant resources and is impossible to scale as your Microsoft 365 environment grows. Integrating Rencore Governance solves this problem and gives time back to IT to do the fun things.

Let’s cut your Microsoft 365 cost together!

Software built in Germany

Rencore provides high-quality, award-winning software essential for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Power Platform, Viva Engage, Exchange, Entra ID and more.

Global & Secure MS Azure hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all built-in automated regulatory compliance checks and security controls  (Azure CIS, PCI DSS, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).

Full SOC 2 Type 2 Accreditation

Rencore tools and services are fully SOC 2 Type 2 accredited and GDPR compliant. Find out more in our full security overview.