One complete governance suite to stay in control!

Microsoft 365 users in your tenant Only active/enabled users with Microsoft 365 license. External users and guests without licenses don’t count.

Subscription term

Monthly Annual Save 2 months!



US$ 2,750

for up to %USERS% users

billed %DURATION%


Get detailed tenant insights, report and act on them
  • All you need to get started
    • Service Inventory
      • Microsoft 365 Groups
      • Microsoft Teams
      • Power Platform
      • SharePoint & OneDrive
      • Viva Engage
      • Azure Active Directory
    • Reports & Insights
      • Report & dashboard templates
      • Build custom reports & dashboards
      • Share reports & dashboards
    • Lifecycle Management
      • Manual sprawl
      • Simplify user off-boarding
      • Control file sharing
      • Secure external access


US$ 2,750

for up to %USERS% users

billed %DURATION%


Monitor compliance, manage resource lifecycle and automate governance
  • Everything in Essential +

    • Compliance Monitoring
      • 150+ policy templates
      • Build custom policies
      • Monitor policy compliance
      • Track compliance history
    • Governance Automation
      • Automation templates
      • Build custom automations
      • Automate tenant management
      • Scale by involving end users
      • Integrate 3rd party services
    • Cloud Cost Optimisation
      • Automate license management
      • Identify over-licensing
      • Reduce storage costs



for up to %USERS% users

billed %DURATION%


Prevent chaos, keep your tenant secure and delegate management
  • Everything in Professional +
    • Provisioning
      • Teams provisioning 
      • SharePoint provisioning
      • Standardize asset creation
      • Automate request handling
      • Built-in governance best practices
    • Access & Permissions
      • Manage access & permissions
      • Automate review process
      • Adhoc or on-schedule
      • Involve Content Owners
      • Audit changes
    • Support
      • Onboarding included
      • Priority Support
      • Dedicated Customer Success Manager


Tenant Segmentation

only for

Create virtual sub-tenants to limit access to the inventory data on a granular level and delegate governance to separate admin teams.


only for

Host Rencore Governance entirely yourself in your own Azure subscription to give you full control over data storage and processing.

Custom Azure Region

Only for

Get Rencore Governance hosted and operated by Rencore in a currently unavailable custom Azure Data Center region.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Only for

Store your data in a dedicated database infrastructure for maximum performance. Recommended for large tenants (> 50k users).

All Rencore Governance plans:

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All Rencore Governance plans:

Compliance Icon
SOC2 & GDPR compliant no global admin required
Templates & Reports Icon
Quick start with 150+ templates & reports
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Highly configurable but still easy to use
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Free Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try rencore Governance for free?

Yes! You can try the full functionality of Rencore Governance for free for 30 days. Just sign up for a trial and get started with demo data in 3min. You can also connect your own tenant and work with live data once it has been gathered.

What counts as Microsoft user?

Every user in the connected Microsoft 365 tenant needs to be licensed for Rencore Governance if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The user account is active/enabled
  • The user account has any Microsoft 365 license assigned

Please note: if any of the conditions above are unmet, the user is not counted. External users and guests without a license are not counted as users.


Are there additional infrastructure and service cost?

No, the SaaS version of Rencore Governance includes the service fee, infrastructure, updates, support and onboarding to give you full cost transparency.

For self hosting Rencore in your own Azure subscription, an additional annual service fee is applied. Also the infrastructure costs are not included and depend on how you setup and scale it.

Are there discounts for Frontline and Academic users?

Yes, Frontline worker users (Fx license) and Academic users (Ax licenses) are discounted. Please contact our sales team directly to receive an individual quote.

Is the maximum size of the Microsoft 365 tenant limited?

No, Rencore Governance can scan any sized Microsoft 365 tenant, the largest we currently scan has > 300k users.

Because Rencore is bound to the API limits imposed by Microsoft, scanning of all services takes longer the larger the tenant gets. By configuring which data to be retrieved and the frequency the data should be updated, you can balance this to your individual needs.

Is Rencore secure?

Yes! Rencore Governance was built from the start with the highest security standards in mind to comply with the requirements of our enterprise and government customers around the world.

Rencore is SOC2 Type 2 accredited, fully GDPR compliant and continuously monitored and audited.

The Rencore Governance infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all regulatory compliance checks and security controls (Azure CIS 1.1.0, PCI DSS 3.2.1, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).

Rencore Governance uses a no-SQL database and has no inherent risk of injection attacks on SQL-type databases. Your data can be hosted in any available Microsoft Azure datacenter.

All information is encrypted.  Azure Storage Accounts have built-in support for encryption at rest and in-transit. In addition to this, we add another layer of cryptographic AES 256-bit industry-standard encryption around the data before it is transmitted to the storage.  All transmissions from the application to the end-user are SSL encrypted. All keys are securely stored in Azure Key Vault.

The application is automatically tested against OWASP issues ensuring resilience against those threats. The codebase is automatically scanned with vulnerability scanners and security analyzers during the build.

Rencore Governance uses Azure AD applications. Customers consent to these AAD apps to grant the Rencore Platform access to the data required to perform analysis and monitoring. Customers can revoke the App-Only or Delegated permissions granted to our applications at any point.  Rencore never asks for or stores any usernames or passwords.

Rencore does not require Global Administrator Permissions in Microsoft 365.

Detailed security information about the various components and the measures that we take to ensure the safety of our customers’ data can be found in our online documentation.

For specific questions and audit reports please reach out to our team.

Are there any usage limitations?

No, you can use Rencore Governance with one or multiple tenants of any size.

Each connected Microsoft 365 tenant requires its own subscription.
Multiple tenants within an organisation can be grouped into a “workspace” to simplify management, but it is also possible to create separate workspaces for each single tenant to separate them completely.

Does Rencore support multi-geo tenants?

Yes, Rencore Governance can analyze multi-geo environments.

Does Rencore support GCC & GCC High?

Yes, Rencore Governance can be self-hosted in your own Azure subscription in GCC and GCC High. Microsoft 365 service and feature limitations in GCC and GCC high also apply to Rencore Governance.

Rencore Governance as a SaaS is only available in the public cloud.

As MSP can I manage multiple tenants?

Yes, Rencore Governance is multi tenant capable and separates tenant connection from user authentication to give you maximum flexibility.

You can also export/import configuration from one environment to another to streamline your governance practice.

Can I host Rencore Governance in my own Azure subscription?

Yes, the entire Rencore Governance solution can also be hosted by yourself or your managed service provider (MSP)/Partner in your own Azure subscription. Self-hosting is only available will require additional installation and onboarding fees.

Infrastructure costs are not included in the licensing fee for self-hosted installation.

Do you offer a monthly subscription?

Yes, you can subscribe to Rencore Governance (SaaS) monthly via the Azure Marketplace for the Essential and Professional Plans. Monthly billing is 20% more costly than annual billing. When purchasing directly from Rencore, subscriptions are annual or multi-year, please contact our sales team to learn more.

Are there any maintenance or onboarding fees?

No, for the Rencore hosted plans (SaaS) there are no maintenance or additional onboarding fees. Unlimited support and software updates are included with your subscription.

Can I purchase a subscription without a credit card?

Absolutely! If you prefer to pay via wire transfer, please contact our sales team directly.

How do I renew my subscription?

We recommend that you renew your subscription directly through or through the account & billing settings within Rencore Governance. If you haven’t cancelled your subscription the license is renewed automatically. For any additional questions, please contact our sales team.

What new Rencore Governance Features and Services can I expect?

Please take a look at our Rencore Governance product roadmap to get a better understanding of what we are working on.

Rencore Governance is here!

Take the next step and enjoy a short Rencore Governance walk-through video, start a 30 day free trial, or simply reach out if you have any further questions!