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Rapid insights, simple compliance and fast resolution for seamless cloud collaboration across all Microsoft 365 services including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform.

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Deep Service Inventory

Connect to all M365 services.
Display all data in one central inventory.

Powerful Inventory Engine

The Inventory provides you raw data including Objects for Groups, Users, Licenses, Teams, SharePoint Sites, Flows, Power Apps and more.

Collective Insights – Quick Actions

Drill deeper into Objects and discover their details, relations, attached Policies and overall compliance score. Export data to CSV/PDF and trigger automations directly from Object details.

Comprehensive Inventory Overview

Track KPIs such as trends and violations from your Inventory. See how Objects behave with Policies over time.

Clear Reporting & Insights

Centrally manage data. Deliver digestible Reports. Automate Reports.

Dashboard Tile Library

Drag, drop and move! Bring Inventory, Compliance, Automations, and Reports together in one place through Dashboards tailored to various stakeholders in your organization.

Rich Report Templates

Utilize prebuilt templates and libraries for rich reporting relating to topics including: Cost, Security, External Access, Adoption and Declutter.

Automatic Reporting

Schedule Reports- daily, weekly, monthly – inform your stakeholders on the latest governance trends. Invite key stakeholders to view Dashboards of importance.

Cloud Maintenance

Act on valuable insights. Maintain a sustainable, smooth cloud operation.

Lifecycle Management

Services and processes must always be available and running correctly for optimal business collaboration. Identify and act on time-dependent service instances and fix faulty processes.

Permissions & Access

Data must be secure yet there needs to be enough flexibility with how users can collaborate across businesses. Control how data is accessed both internally and externally.

Quickfire Actions

Help maintain the status-quo by directly acting on valuable Inventory insights. Utilize manual and bulk actions straight from the data grid.

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure?

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Simple Compliance

Add Policies. Continuously track violations. Maintain compliance.

Flexible Policy Templates

Choose from over 100 fully customizable Policy templates built from best practices around the most requested use cases. Quick-start your governance operation by simply switching them “on” or “off”.

Robust Policy Builder

Customize any template or add you own Policy with our granular Policy builder. Report on any data Object or relation across multiple services.

Dynamic Compliance Tracking

Get an instant overview of your compliance status with our Policy overview. See violations per service, category and Compliance status over time.

Advanced Automation

Build intelligent workflows. Automate your governance.

Extensive Template Library

Our extensive Automation template library allows you to quickly act by integrating into Power Automate, Teams or Email. Simply toggle “on” for the action you always want to take for addressing a  common violation.

Intelligent Automation Builder

Customize any Automation template or create your own with our easily configurable Automation builder. Build your own automation workflow journey and assign actions, contacts and triggers.

Detailed Automation Tracking

Get an instant overview of processed Automation details and their status over time. The Automation overview also signals Automations that require attention.

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure?

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Secure Microsoft 365

Bring M365 security to your standards. Prevent data breaches.

Prebuilt Security Policies

Continuously monitor against risky sign-ins, externally shared files, site collections and more with Policy templates built from best security practices. Also Customize to meet your bespoke security needs.

Dynamic Security Reports

Crunch multiple data-points and produce clear security reports detailing your compliance score. Share with security stakeholders strengthen your overall compliance posture.

Automate Security Actions

Use automation to schedule reports continuously and setup intelligent workflows to automate actions against security violations. Eradicate shadow-IT, prevent data loss and keep bad actors at bay.

Reduce M365 Cost

Monitor your license costs. Prevent overspending.

Cost-saving Policy Templates

Leverage a stack of cost-saving customizable Policy templates from unused licenses to storge limit thresholds. Continuously monitor cost-saving potential.

Dynamic Cost Reports

Crunch multiple data-points and produce clear cost-saving Reports with your currency of choice. Share with procurement and reduce your M365 Total Cost of Ownership.

Automate Cost Reduction

Turn potential cost-savings into reduced costs. Use automation to schedule reports continuously and setup intelligent workflows to automate actions against cost-saving violations.

Successful Adoption

Increase service use. Achieve business goals.

Adoption Policy Templates

Utilize customizable Policy templates from newly created Teams to newly created Flows and start tracking M365 service adoption rate.

Flexible Adoption Dashboard

Monitor and analyze all your adoption policies and reports in on one central place. Get quick answers on how apps and services are being used across the company and share findings with stakeholders.

Improve Business Agility

Automatically act on adoption violations and ensure services are being used to their full potential. Increase used seats and ensure optimal usability across M365.

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