Governance Automation
to stay in control
of Microsoft 365

Easily identify anomalies and trends that might affect your governance plan for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform and automate the necessary next steps.

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Powerful Discovery

Start off with knowing what is in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Choose each and every Microsoft 365 service you want to monitor.

Browse the Microsoft Cloud

Rencore Governance connects to a wide range of Microsoft 365 services, including Groups, Users, Licenses, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure Active Directory.

Keep track of end user activity

Make sure your organizations is and remains compliant to your governance plan on a daily basis.

Easily add new services

As your organization grows, simply add new Microsoft cloud services in Rencore Governance.

Supported services

Rencore Cloud Governance for Microsoft Teams
Rencore Cloud Governance for Microsoft Power Automate

For more details, please view the product roadmap.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Check your cloud services and
make your Governance Plan actionable.

Out-of-the-box Governance

Rencore Governance comes with a vast set of pre-defined dashboards and checks. Quick-start your governance operation with best practices around the most requested use cases.

Tailor to your organization’s needs

As your Governance approach evolves, so does Rencore Governance. Add new checks and flexibly adjust existing ones.

Stay in control 24/7

Rencore Governance provides you with a smooth and always-on process that saves time and enables your business

The dashboard is the starting point for your journey to fully flexible and automated Microsoft 365 Governance

Types of pre-defined checks available

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Yammer, and Azure?

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Flexible Automation

Wave goodbye to manually notifying users and fixing issues. Automate as you please with full flexibility.

Use pre-defined checks as well as build custom checks to enforce your organization's governance plan.

Automate the solution process

Rencore Governance allows you to build and tailor automations by integrating into Power Automate, Teams or Email.

Start the conversation

Rencore Governance enables you to automatically identify and get in touch with end users after critical activity.

See the bigger picture

Once you have set up your Governance automation processes with Rencore, you can focus on strategic tasks.

Automation examples

Rencore Cloud Governance for Microsoft Teams
Rencore Cloud Governance for Microsoft Power Automate

Meaningful Insights

Stay on top of what is happening in your tenant and keep everyone on the same page.

Report on what you need

Rencore Governance enables you to turn the collected data into comprehensive reports.

Combine reports into dashboards

Rencore Governance allows you to group your reports into dashboards tailored to various stakeholders in your organization. Explore pre-defined dashboards around the most requested governance challenges.

Stay informed

Schedule reporting cycles receiving the latest reports and dashboards on daily/weekly/monthly basis  

The dashboard is the starting point for your journey to fully flexible and automated Microsoft 365 Governance

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Rencore Governance is here to help!

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MS Azure hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all built-in automated regulatory compliance checks and security controls (Azure CIS, PCI DSS, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).

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