Governance Automation
to stay in control
of your Microsoft 365



All your cloud services insights in one central place

The Inventory is a big part of what makes Rencore Governance unique. Its powerful engine pulls masses of data from multiple admin centers and buckets them into Object topics. Collecting and sorting data in this way means you receive a deep, detailed analysis of how Objects interact and relate to each other.



Centrally manage data.
Deliver digestible Reports.

Our dynamic reports and dashboards are unrivalled. Customize your templates by combining multiple data sets and automatically send the richest and easiest-to-understand Reports to stakeholders. Compile your reports, topical dashboard tiles, and other governance KPIs in our intuitive dashboard overview to always maintain complete visibility over your M365 tenant.



Maintain a sustainable, smooth cloud operation with actionable insights.

Services and processes must always be available and running correctly for optimal business collaboration. Identify and act on time-dependent service instances and fix faulty processes with bulk and manual actions.



Add Policies. Continuously track violations. Maintain compliance.

The Compliance feature turns a complex compliance challenge into a simple solution. Through a library of governance policy best practices, you can quick-start your governance plan and keep your users compliant from the get-go. Choose from over 100 fully customizable policy templates or build your own and track their violations over time.

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Viva Engage, and Azure?



Facilitate collaboration. Regulate creation.

The intuitive provisioning feature within Rencore Governance allows business users to own their collaboration experiences without chaos. By requesting prebuilt templates through the NOVA app, Rencore Governance admins can grant Teams and SharePoint content requests such as teams and site creations that meet your organization’s specific governance plan.



Extend collaboration. Maintain platform hygiene.

Keeping the balance between collaboration and control starts with knowing who has access to your tenant. Access Review gives you that balance. Paired with the NOVA App, your users can request access to allow external collaborators into your environment and continuously monitor for periodic reviews. There’s no excuse to keep a locked down environment!



Build intelligent workflows.
Automate your governance.

You should be able to fire and forget with Rencore Governance Automations. You want to automate quickly and have peace of mind that the automation is acting on your governance plan to the letter, keeping the users in your tenant compliant.



Easily govern multiple geo-locations. Segment your subsidiaries.

With the robust tenant segmentation feature within Rencore Governance, you can easily split your environment into smaller, more manageable segments. Perfect for organizations with multiple geo-locations or subsidiaries. Sooth the headache of trying to administer everything from a far and give admins on the ground the data to govern collaboration. Upgrade your governance game with Rencore Governance’s Tenant Segmentation feature today!



Centralize self-service collaboration. Control with ease.

Monitor and analyze all your adoption policies and reports in on one central place. Get quick answers on how apps and services are being used across the company and share findings with stakeholders. Automatically act on adoption violations and ensure services are being used to their full potential. Increase used seats and ensure optimal usability across M365.

How does Rencore Governance help you stay in control of Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, Exchange, Viva Engage, and Azure?



Bring M365 security to your standards.
Prevent data breaches.

Continuously monitor against risky sign-ins, externally shared files, site collections and more. Crunch multiple data-points and produce clear security reports detailing your compliance score. Use automation to schedule reports continuously and setup intelligent workflows to automate actions against security violations. Eradicate shadow-IT, prevent data loss and keep bad actors at bay.



Monitor your license costs. Prevent overspending.

Leverage a stack of cost-saving customizable Policy templates from unused licenses to storge limit thresholds and continuously monitor cost-saving potential. Produce clear cost-saving Reports with your currency of choice. Share with procurement and reduce your M365 Total Cost of Ownership. Schedule reports and setup intelligent workflows to automate actions against cost-saving violations.



Increase service use.
Achieve business goals.

Utilize customizable Policy templates from newly created Teams to newly created Flows and start tracking M365 service adoption rate. Get quick answers on how apps and services are being used across the company and share findings with stakeholders.

Rencore Governance is here to help!

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Rencore tools and services are fully SOC 2 Type 2 accredited and GDPR compliant. Find out more in our full security overview.