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Declutter your
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Typically, you have two choices to keep your environment clutter-free. Tighten permissions but disrupt business, or start locating data from separate admin centers and manually try to make sense of it all – however, there is a third way.

The easy way to declutter Microsoft 365

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Our tool Rencore Governance provides you with maximum flexibility and efficiency in your governance approach for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform.

Once connected, click on the declutter dashboard overview. You have an instant overview of your platform lifecycle management status and pre-built Checks. You are all set to declutter Microsoft 365 today!

Rencore Governance helps you to save time and resources in your mission to declutter Microsoft 365.

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Orphaned Resources

Business users connect, collaborate, and share information, which is great! However, after the fact, unused resources clutter up your tenant and make it harder to work productively. Identify and eradicate unused resources from your tenant.

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Cloud Sprawl

Unpredictable cloud sprawl means you could find yourself reaching capacity sooner than expected. Setting alerts for thresholds such as Teams that reach a 200 channel limit, or 100 owner limit, will help you control and manage platform growth.


Not knowing resource ownership means you can’t communicate, identify resource worth, and take action. Locating disabled owner accounts, unowned teams, and SharePoint site collections means you can pair resources with active owners or evaluate and discard them from your tenant.

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