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Easily offboard
Microsoft 365

Employee turnover can fluctuate. As a Microsoft admin team, you must preserve relevant data, remove access and reassign licenses. Never miss any of these tasks again!

The easy way to offboard M365 users

Our tool Rencore Governance provides you with maximum flexibility and efficiency in your governance approach for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, Exchange, Yammer, and Power Platform.

Once connected, click on the offboarding dashboard overview. You get an instant overview of any outstanding offboarding tasks. By continuously monitoring your tenant using pre-built Checks, offboarding can happen in a matter of minutes.

Rencore Governance helps you to save time and take care of all aspects when offboarding Microsoft 365 users.

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Never miss tasks again

Whenever an employee leaves your company, the offboarding process consists of numerous tasks involving many different services. With Rencore Governance, you are able to define your offboarding policy and easily discover things you might have missed, like unassigning licenses from disabled users.

Offboarding with the click of a button

Whenever Rencore Governance discovers missed offboarding tasks, you will get notified. Using our built-in automation engine, you are even able to automate tasks such as reassigning all resources of a disabled user to the respective manager.

Keep everyone in the loop

When it comes to offboarding users, there are many stakeholders involved at any given time. To keep them all updated, Rencore Governance allows you to build reports around your user offboarding topics regularly and automatically share them with all parties involved.

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Microsoft 365 user offboarding made easy!

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Rencore provides high-quality and award-winning software essential for Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, SharePoint, Power Platform, Exchange, and Yammer.

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MS Azure hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all built-in automated regulatory compliance checks and security controls (Azure CIS, PCI DSS, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).


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Rencore tools and services are fully SOC 2 Type 2 accredited and GDPR compliant. Find out more in our full security overview.