Quality, Governance and Risk Prevention
Validate your SharePoint on-premises and Online customizations

Mitigate Risk when Customizing SharePoint

Check for violations against over 1000 rules regarding quality, security, performance, best practices, maintainability and supportability. Ensure your customizations are compliant with your organizations and industries policies.

Protect SharePoint & Office 365
from harmful customizations

Customizations are a critical component of every SharePoint environment.
Done either with WSPs, Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, JavaScript through the User Interface or SharePoint Designer, they negatively impact areas like deployment, security, operation, and migration.
SPCAF helps to identify and secure potentially harmful customizations.

Detect vulnerability risks inside customizations which could lead to data loss or abuse

Memory Leak Detection
Identify memory leaks which lead to uncontrolled restarts of IIS application pools or high memory usage on Azure.

Establish and enforce your company-specific customization and coding policies and rules

Get assistance with priming and modernizing your customizations for future SharePoint versions

Check for overwritten SharePoint systems file, disallowed database access, usage of unsupported API or external dependencies

Get guidance for the transformation of your full trust code to the new add-in model

Protect yourself against inefficient use of the SharePoint API that decreases performance

Automatically create technical documentation of all your customizations

Who should use SPCAF?

Many roles are involved in the SharePoint & Office 365 customization process.
Each of them can benefit from the usage of our tools to fulfill their tasks and save time and money.


Analyze the code in your development environment and fix errors on the spot


Check customization policies manually or during builds to detect issues before they go live


Validate customizations to ensure supportability and performance before deployment

Quality Managers

Run regular platform reviews to ensure compliance and governance

Trust the Companies that Trust Us

Expert Knowledge

SPCAF comes built-in with the experience and knowledge of Rencore’s world-renowned experts consisting of SharePoint MVPs, MCMs (SharePoint Certified Master) and SharePoint PnP core members.
With the use of our tools, you get their know-how at your fingertips, every day.

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