Teams Governance Mini Summit

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Join Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft, Senior Program Manager in the Teams Engineering group and Microsoft MVPs Susan Hanley, Joanne Klein and Waldek Mastykarz when they share some powerful knowledge around working with Microsoft Teams. Sign up and become a Teams Superhero!

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Keynote: The success of Microsoft teams & the road ahead

Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft, Teams Engineering Group

Laurie shares some insights on the success of Microsoft Teams as well as what's to come.

How to create a governance, training, and adoption resource center for Microsoft 365

Susan Hanley, MVP, Susan Hanley LLC

One of the hardest challenges in getting users to adopt new technology is providing easy to follow guidelines and training that they can “consume” just when they need the information. This session helps guide you through a practical approach to address this challenge for Teams, SharePoint, and the other core communication and collaboration services in Microsoft 365.

You take away a step-by-step approach for creating a super easy, no-code user resource center framework for your environment. You leave with all the design information you need to create your own site, ideas on how to deliver the information “just in time,” and sample content to get you started.

Protecting your Teams work across M365

Joanne Klein, MVP, NexNovus Consulting

With Modern Team sites and Microsoft Teams being created at a record pace these days, are you concerned how content within them can be secured, protected, and retained?

In this session you will learn how various Office 365 features work together to address these requirements so you can breathe a little easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand Microsoft's shared responsibility model and what this means for you

  • Ways to prevent sensitive information in your Teamwork from leaving your organization

  • How to apply retention across your Team work

  • How to have oversight across your sensitive teamwork

Teams Governance Automation at scale

Waldek Mastykarz, MVP, Rencore

As the adoption of Teams continues to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to manage the rapid growth of your Teams. In the end, you give up, facing the inevitable sprawl of inactive Teams channels, unused accounts for external users, and unknown publicly shared content.

However, it doesn't need to be like that. There is a way to scale Teams governance effectively and stay in control.

In this session, Waldek and Bjoern share lessons learned from the field as well as many good practices to help manage and govern your Teams on a large scale without compromising on features or usability.

Ask me anything (AMA)

Laurie, Sue, Joanne, Waldek

Our presenters go through the questions that you asked throughout the entire mini-summit and answer as many as possible :)


Laurie Pottmeyer

Laurie has spent 15 years at Microsoft managing user adoption and pre-release programs for Live Meeting, OCS, Lync, Skype for Business and Teams - helping to build better products and getting people to use them.  Through this work, she's learned the most important thing is to understand what users are trying to get done and then show them how they could do the same work more efficiently through a new way of working. Only then will they see the benefits and be open to change. Laurie's current role as Community Lead for Microsoft Teams is unique and demonstrates the commitment from the Microsoft Teams Product Group to understand, listen, and ultimately build a high-quality product around the needs of users.

Joanne Klein

Joanne is a SharePoint and Office 365 specialist and owner of NexNovus Consulting. Her focus is on helping organizations by sharing best practices, technical expertise, and guidance thru real-world SharePoint and Office 365 experience. She has spent the past decade working with SharePoint in both on-premises and online versions as well as the larger ecosystem of Office 365 where her expertise extends well beyond SharePoint. Her specialties include Office 365 adoption, Office 365 data protection and retention, SharePoint information management, and SharePoint site and information architecture.

Susan Hanley

Sue Hanley is a consultant and author specializing in the design, development and implementation of successful collaboration and knowledge management solutions. She is the co-author of three popular SharePoint books - Essential SharePoint 2007, Essential SharePoint 2010, and Essential SharePoint 2013 and writes the Essential SharePoint blog for Computerworld. Her areas of expertise include strategy, information architecture, user adoption, governance and business value metrics. Sue’s client list includes many of the Fortune 500 along with some of the world’s leading academic, professional services, and not-for-profit organizations.

Waldek Mastykarz

Waldek is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft focusing on Microsoft 365. In this role, he helps developers build applications on top of Microsoft 365. He's also a part of Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices where he builds developer guidance and tooling for extending Microsoft 365 together with the community. Before joining Microsoft, Waldek was heading the Product Department at Rencore reinforces our product development by adding loads of business experience. For sharing his experience through his blog, speaking, and social media, Waldek was a 12-time Microsoft MVP.