The only Line of Defense against Customization Risks you will ever need!

SPCAF checks SharePoint customizations against our established quality best practices,
advised security policies, and your organization’s governance.

Over 1000 code analysis rules in SPCAF support all SharePoint versions and every type of SharePoint customization.


  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • SharePoint Add-ins
  • JavaScript Files
  • AngularJS
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • Farm Solutions (WSP)
  • Sandboxed Solutions
  • Assemblies
  • Executables
  • Web applications


  • SharePoint Client Side Code (CSOM)
  • SharePoint Full Trust Code (SSOM)
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • SharePoint XML
  • JavaScript
  • SharePoint Patterns & Practices
  • PowerShell Script
  • CSS


  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2019
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2007

Runs with

  • Visual Studio 2010 – 2017
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Client Application
  • Build Systems e.g. TFS, VSTS, TeamCity, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo
  • Commandline
  • PowerShell
  • gulp
  • MSBuild

SPCAF is right where you work no matter your environment

Run in Visual Studio / VSCode

Developers love to run SPCAF directly from the context menu of a SharePoint project in Visual Studio 2010 – 2017, or with a Gulp task in Visual Studio Code.

Easily and seamlessly perform analysis, jump directly to the discovered issues and create reports without leaving the application.

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Run in Standalone Client

SPCAF provides Architects, Quality Managers and IT Pros with a standalone client application. Simply analyze WSP files or Apps by dragging-and-dropping them in the tool.

No source code is required and neither Visual Studio nor SharePoint has to be installed on the machine.

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screenshot deployment

Run in your Deployment Process

Administrators protect their SharePoint environments from harmful customizations before they get deployed. Check your organizations customizations policies with PowerShell and automatically abort the installation of harmful code. Create a detailed customization inventory for easier troubleshooting and reduce the impact on end-users during deployments.

Run SPCAF centrally in your farm and integrate it with your deployment processes and tools to establish SharePoint customization quality and security before they can do harm.

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Run in Team Build

Seamlessly integrate SPCAF into the build process in TFS 2010 – 2017, Visual Studio Team Services, TeamCity, Jenkins and many more for continuous integration.

Enforce customization quality and compliance to your organization’s policies for every project on every commit to source control, for every build. The analysis can be configured to fail the build in case of critical errors. The analysis reports can be stored in the drop location for later review.

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Fully integrated into your other favorite SharePoint Tools

Integrated with AvePoint DocAve6

SPCAF is already integrated into AvePoint DocAve Deployment Manager 6.8 and higher. Joining forces with one of the leading deployment management tools out there, it is easier than ever to analyze your customizations before deploying them to your farm.

Add SPCAF into the mix and you will get access to all detailed analysis reports.

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Integrated with SPDocKit

SPCAF can be integrated as an extension into SharePoint Documentation Toolkit (SPDocKit) by SysKit. In combination with this powerful SharePoint Admin tool you can analyze all your customizations currently deployed on your farm.

With SPCAF you will get access to all detailed analysis reports.

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Comprehensive & Customizable view on your Customizations

Reports and Dashboards

To make it easy to understand the complex and detailed analysis results and take action, SPCAF creates browsable and printable reports, dashboards and charts or integrates the results directly in the error list of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Configurable Rulesets

SPCAF allows you to configure the applied rules, metrics, dependencies or inventory items by defining a custom rule set in the SPCAF Ruleset Editor. You can activate or deactivate rules or rule categories according to your organizations customization policies and you can change the severity according to the requirements for the target environment.

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Extensibility with Custom Rules and Metrics

To create custom rules or metrics we provide a comprehensive SDK which is part of all SPCAF editions. See how easy you can extend SPCAF with custom rules to meet your individual requirements.

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