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Office 365 & SharePoint Online encourage customization for both citizen- and traditional developers alike. This is a great strength of Office 365 but also introduces new risks for your organization if unnoticed: blocking new feature roll-outs, introducing new security threats, and causing bad performance.

AnalysisCloud allows your organization to tailor SharePoint Online to its needs and keep it secure at the same time.

Efficient Customization Governance in Three Steps


As with all cloud services, Office 365 offers plenty of ways not only for IT-teams but also for end users to customize their work environment based on their needs.

In many cases, such customizations have the potential to introduce incalculable risks for security, performance, and compliance and might even become blockers for future upgrades.

Office 365 does promote flexibility but is also bears the potential to make Corporate Policies impossible to enforce.


Meet AnalysisCloud! Our leading-edge SaaS-solution:

  • Prevents insecure customizations in Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Detects and monitors customizations made by the end-users
  • Enforces corporate customizations policies and governance
  • Enables your IT department to take back control of customizations
  • Secures your findings by running in a completely isolated and separated setup


Introducing Customization Governance to your Office 365 environment offers various benefits for your team and your organization:

  • Increased ROI in Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Decreased risk and security holes through customizations
  • Reduced costly blockers that prevent upgrade, maintenance and adoption
  • A fully governed approach to control customizations in Office 365 and SharePoint Online

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AnalysisCloud comes built-in with the experience and knowledge of Rencore’s world-renowned experts consisting of SharePoint MVPs, MCMs (SharePoint Certified Master) and SharePoint PnP core members.

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