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SharePoint’s and Office 365’s flexibility provides countless benefits to your organization’s employees, helping them work faster and smarter. However, if your tailored environment is not implemented correctly, your organization is exposed to risk. Our platform helps you analyze and manage SharePoint and Office 365 so you discover and resolve any risks before they become a problem.

Why is SharePoint security important?

“In 2017, the global number of breach incidents was 1.765 with North America, Europe and APAC leading the way.”
Breach Level Index (BLI)

What we can do for you

Discover vulnerabilities and data leaks in your SharePoint and Office 365 environments before they become a problem.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Poorly designed custom SharePoint applications can lead to loss of your confidential business data. The Rencore platform allows your organization to drastically reduce the risk of data loss by helping you understand how your SharePoint applications are built and if they contain any harmful code.

Benefits of using Rencore:

  • Easily understand how your applications are built
  • Discover potentially harmful code and configuration
  • Avoid data loss
  • Avoid fines and legal action
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Vulnerability detection

Third party libraries used in your SharePoint applications can contain vulnerabilities. Rencore’s platform assesses all your SharePoint applications, to discover any known vulnerabilities so that you can prevent them from becoming a problem.

Benefits of using Rencore:

  • Discover known vulnerabilities in your SharePoint applications
  • Understand the impact of vulnerabilities
  • Analyze applications before deploying them to production
  • Analyze applications created by power-users
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Malicious Code Detection

From entire custom projects to third party tools, applications can introduce malicious code to your environment. The Rencore platform automatically analyses and monitors your SharePoint and Office 365 environments to discover and alert you to any irregularities and malicious code.

Benefits of using Rencore:

  • Avoid common threats caused by malicious code
  • Keep your organization’s data safe
  • Avoid loss of reputation with your customers
  • Save time and money by not having to manually search for malicious code
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Need more convincing?

Organizations that use SharePoint and Office 365 trust Rencore to help them manage their SharePoint applications

Thanks to Rencore, Lightning Tools has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs by over 35%.

Liam Cleary


Words of our App Security expert

Liam Cleary is a product owner for the Rencore platform focussing primarily of all security and compliance related analysis features. Liam began his career as a Trainer of all things computer related. He quickly realised that programming, breaking, and hacking was a lot more fun. He spent the next few years working within core infrastructure and security services until he found SharePoint. He is a Microsoft MVP focusing on Architecture but also crosses the boundary into Development. His speciality over the past few years has been security in SharePoint and its surrounding platforms.

He can often be found at user groups or conferences speaking, offering advice, spending time in the community, teaching his kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet or building Lego robots.

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