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When SharePoint migrations struggle, it is mostly because of unrealistic planning of resources or because of nasty surprises during migration. The Rencore Migration Assessment Tool will help you eliminate both these risks turning your SharePoint migration project into a success.

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Migration expert Samuel Zuercher, Microsoft MVP from Experts Inside on why SharePoint migrations will fail if not properly planned:

Samuel Zürcher - SharePoint Migration expert
Samuel Zuercher
“9 out of 10 SharePoint deployments are customized which leads to unpleasant surprises during migration.”

Three steps to get your SharePoint migration roadmap in a day



Rencore Migration performs an automated inventory of your SharePoint environment. It discovers applications ranging from scripts, forms, and workflows to applications built by professional developers.



Rencore Migration assists you in assessing the automated inventory, providing insights on application technology, usage, and complexity. You will be able to determine which applications should be archived, migrated, or modernized.



Rencore Migration provides you with all the information and knowledge to successfully migrate your SharePoint farm. It helps you create a migration roadmap, putting all tasks into a solid plan including reliable estimates around time and effort.

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Discover what you are running in your SharePoint farm

The Rencore Migration Assessment Tool will discover and assess all applications in your SharePoint farm. It will help you decide their migration suitability by looking at data such as usage, technology used, and dependencies. The tool works both on-prem (app) and the cloud (Portal). It also runs on farms and tenants.

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What our customers say

Organizations trust Rencore when migrating to SharePoint and Office 365.

A unique position on the market when it comes to code quality, transformation and platform governance.
Thomas Vochten
Microsoft MVP

Thanks to Rencore, Lightning Tools has cut overall development time, technical support cases, and Quality Assurance costs by over 35%
Brett Lonsdale
CEO, Microsoft MVP

The Rencore products make our lives easier. They provide automated quality and security checks that would otherwise require a lot of manual labor.
Maarten Eekels
CTO, Microsoft Regional Director & MVP

Super platform which we use in Microsoft as well to help our customers.
Vesa Juvonen
Principal Program Manager

We use Rencore's products and offerings to help our customers secure their customizations in the cloud.
Jussi Roine
Microsoft Regional Director & MVP

Rencore provides an amazing platform and has changed the way our organization approaches SharePoint upgrade and migration projects with our customers.
Chris Buchanan
Chief Technology Strategist

SharePoint Migration with the Rencore Migration Assessment Tool

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