SP24 – The free 24h worldwide SharePoint conference!

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You haven’t heard of SP24? Let us fill you in!

Together with an awesome dedicated team of SharePoint addicts Rencore is organizing and sponsoring SP24, the first free, 24h, worldwide, online SharePoint conference!

Think about it as a SharePoint Saturday, only global instead of local, on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday, with an audience of thousands instead of a few hundred, online instead of on-site, 24h instead of 8h…

Ok, to be honest the only thing in common with a SharePoint Saturday is that it is all about SharePoint , has great speakers and sessions and is entirely free for the attendees!

Already sold?

Then register now and mark April, 16th 2014 red in your calendars!

Here is the deal!

  • SP24 lasts for 24 hours and will follow the sun from New Zealand to Hawaii.  It will begin on April, 16th 2014 at 10 pm GMT and will end 24 hours later.
  • SP24 will feature speakers that are voted for by the community (Note: some slots are already reserved for experienced speakers and world-renowned SharePoint experts)
  • SP24 sessions will be hosted live and you will have the possibility to interact with the speaker and other attendees through integrated chat.
  • SP24 has 2 tracks, one to appeal to Business Users and one for Technical Users such as developers and administrators.
  • SP24 is going to be held entirely on-line.
  • SP24 is following a similar format that has already been proven to ​be really successful at two TFT13 conferences.
  • The SP24 conference will be run on a site which is built on SharePoint 2013 hosted by
  • And perhaps the best part, did I mention that SP24 is completely FREE? 🙂

So once again:

Want to attend?

Register now and mark April, 16th 2014 red in your calendar!

Want to speak?

Submit your session right away. Deadline is January, 31st 2014. The earlier you submit, the better are the chances to get many votes!

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