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Rencore and Yoko:10

Microsoft 365 Consulting

Yoko:10 is a UK-based organization that offers consulting services for all aspects of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Their consultants shine with a broad background of experience in M365 governance and management, hence they provide:

  • planning, deployment and adoption services for Microsoft 365
  • creating an efficient, simple to use intranet on Microsoft 365
  • monitoring, management and governance for Microsoft 365


Why Rencore Governance?

Rencore Governance is central to our approach at the early stages of Microsoft 365 service deployment and beyond, providing all useful information in one portal, reviewing any problematic or potentially problematic activity, and automating communication actions.

Alex Eggar
Alex Eggar
Founder and CEO at Yoko:10


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When Yoko:10 decided to assist their client Specialist Risk Group in moving to Microsoft 365, the objective was to adopt Microsoft Exchange online, deploy a company intranet based on SharePoint Online and roll out Teams and OneDrive across the business.


The Challenge

Following the adoption of multiple Microsoft 365 services, an immediate governance approach was needed to:

  • establish comprehensive administration right from the start
  • have clear policies to ensure data security and integrity
  • set easy-to-follow guidelines for their client to work with


The Solution

Rencore Governance was reviewed for its capabilities and use cases with multiple stakeholders, and successfully deployed within 5 working days. The tool helped Yoko:10 to:

  • gather all important data in one place
  • enforce data storing and sharing policies
  • create dashboards
  • add automations that enable consistent assistance for their client



Rencore technology supported Yoko:10 with building a governance strategy that helps their client to:

  • efficiently run business operations
  • stay in control of their Microsoft services
  • rely on best possible long-term assistance from their consultants

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