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Reduce the digital footprint of Microsoft 365

Our tool Rencore Governance provides you with full visibility into the digital (carbon) footprint of our Microsoft 365. Once connected to your tenant, Rencore Governance identifies Microsoft 365 services and workloads responsible for excess use of storage and computing power. Increase your company’s sustainability by using Rencore’s powerful checks and automations to significantly reduce energy consumption of your IT!

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De-duplicate data

Microsoft 365 makes it easy to collaborate and share data. However, multiple storage locations inevitably lead to duplicate data. Identify duplicates, remove unnecessary versions, reduce the energy required for your IT storage and reduce your carbon footprint by approx. 420 grams CO2 per KWh saved.

Reduce computing consumption

IT processes heavily rely on computing power. And although Microsoft pledges to become Carbon negative by 2030, getting rid of unnecessary Azure consumption today is something that will positively affect both your budget and your carbon footprint.

Crack down on data transfer

Cloud computing has massive environmental benefits over on-premises data centers. However, one thing the cloud promotes is data transfer. Rencore Governance allows you to identify large amounts of data that are shared externally and helps you reduce unnecessary or outdated access to decrease data transfer by approx. 140 grams CO2 per Gigabyte.

Reduce your IT’s carbon footprint today!

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Software built in Germany

Rencore provides high-quality, award-winning software essential for Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Power Platform, Viva Engage, Exchange, Entra ID and more.

Global & Secure MS Azure hosting

Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure and passes all built-in automated regulatory compliance checks and security controls  (Azure CIS, PCI DSS, SOC TSP, ISO 27001).

Full SOC 2 Type 2 Accreditation

Rencore tools and services are fully SOC 2 Type 2 accredited and GDPR compliant. Find out more in our full security overview.