Getting started with the Rencore Certification Program

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2 min read

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In 2015 it became clear that Rencore was looked up to for coding standards and practices. We have indeed worked very hard to get to this place and we genuinely want to help. In response to the demand of companies asking us to certify them as good practitioners, we have responded with the Rencore Certification Program.

The idea is simple: we look at your software quality processes and ALM and see if it adheres to the standards in which we expect. We do this by tracking eight areas of the companies ALM process and over 20 key metrics that combine to show us how well each of these targets have been met.

One shoe doesn’t fit all

At Rencore we are well aware that not all software is applicable to every subcategory we test. For example, a system may be designed to not be interoperable and designed for a single version of a target system to fill a gap specific for that system. Even though Interoperability is something we do test when present.

As in code analysis, a sensible approach must be taken in gathering information and processing it. You cannot apply JavaScript rules to TypeScript blindly. Even though TypeScript generates JavaScript, the same rules do not apply to the languages.

This flexible and measured approach allows us to certify a consultancy as well as a product vendor.

Each Products Process Rated

Every product or project type that a company produces has its own processes, and we take each into account. This is then looked at for consistent approach to software development in the company to generate the rating.

Each section is scored, and this information passed to the company with their overall rank. This is for the companies own information only and if the score is high enough the company is certified.

The company is then able to at their own discretion advertise this fact or use this information provided by Rencore to improve their own processes.

The Benefits of well implemented ALM

When implemented badly Application Lifecycle Management costs money. Too much time is spent in areas that have no impact, and often no time is spent looking at the correct key metrics.

Rencore has long believed and has proven time and time again that looking at the key metrics of your development processes correctly saves massive amounts of time and money. The Rencore certification ensures that:

  • Defects and defect management is approached correctly
  • Defect management has a place in the process where they are managed
  • Defect management reduces cost and time of the projects involved
  • Ensures that the product is built to functional requirements while being reliable, usable, efficient and maintainable.

Want to become a Rencore Certified company?

If you are interested in certifying your company and /or product by Rencore, then you can visit our website and fill in the form at the bottom of the certification page.

A member of our team will contact you and explain the process further.

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