SPCAF’s new best friend – now integrated in SPDocKit!

2 min read
2 min read

We are very happy that we can introduce you to our new collaboration, which has resulted in an awesome new way of using SPCAF. Acceleratio Ltd. and Rencore decided to team up and deliver a new SPDocKit extension that allows you to analyze your farm solutions within SPDocKit using SPCAF reports. Let us explain how it works and give you more information about this pretty useful feature.

Analyze your SharePoint environment to protect it from harmful customizations!

If you often think that you are loosing control over SharePoint customizations, are not sure if everything is working properly, and wanna check if there is some bad code, this is the solution you are looking for! An issue in the code can have a critical impact on farm supportability, performance, security, and stability.

spdockitThese reports use the SPCAF engine to analyze your SharePoint Farm solution packages.

SPCAF can analyze far more than just Farm solution packages (whether they are sandboxed solutions or add-ins), and SPDocKit gives you a taste of that functionality. It will scan all the XML, .net (by decompiling the dlls), JavaScript, etc., code within the selected solutions and apply hundreds of rules to check if everything works correctly and according to best practices.



By default, SPDocKit provides the SPCAF Summary Report to all SPDocKit users (from version 6.1). If an SPCAF license is provided, the other reports (Code Quality, Code Metrics, Code Dependencies, Code Inventory) also become functional and available.

This feature became available with SPCAF version 6.5.

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