Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021 expert panel round-up!

4 min read
4 min read

It’s been a treat to have two Microsoft Ignite events this year. Therefore, for the second installment, I have invited a couple of fellow Microsoft MVPs to discuss the announcements that have caught our interest from Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021, which began this week!

Hosted by myself, Head of Technical Operations at Rencore Tobias Zimmergren, I am joined by North Advisors’ Jussi Roine and Rapid Circle’s Maarten Eekels. Please sit back and enjoy the discussion!

Check out the videocast here!



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Panel profile

Tobias Zimmergren: Tobias (@zimmergren) is Head of Technical Operations at Rencore, where he is responsible for strategy, planning, and implementations of anything around technical and cloud operations and is also leading our compliance and security efforts. He received the Microsoft MVP award continuously for 13 years to date, currently for Azure. Tobias also writes a lot of content in the Microsoft space and co-produces and hosts the Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast.

Jussi Roine: Jussi (@jussiroine) works as an Azure architect and advisor through his company, North Advisors. In his free time, he co-creates the Ctrl+Alt+Azure podcast with Tobias Zimmergren. He’s a Microsoft MVP and aspires to lift even heavier weights at the gym someday. You can reach Jussi through Twitter and LinkedIn.

Maarten Eekels: Maarten (@maarteneekels) is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and CTO of Rapid Circle, one of the larger Microsoft Cloud implementation partners in the Netherlands. Maarten is an experienced Microsoft Cloud and Security advocate, and already since 2003, he has been involved in implementing Microsoft technologies. Besides that, Maarten is mentoring start-ups and helping founders and leaders break through glass ceilings for growing their business and helping avoid certain pitfalls. Also, Maarten is a regular speaker on both national and international events, like conferences, community events, and user group meetings. In his personal life, Maarten is a passionate cyclist and certified wine sommelier.

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