RENCORE Releases Free SharePoint Code Migration Assessment Tool

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3 min read

RENCORE today announces the release of a free component of its SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) tool, which highlights potential roadblocks to moving existing full trust code to the SharePoint App model.

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Code Migration Assessment
Code Migration Assessment

The SharePoint Code Migration Assessment tool is the first of its kind to provide practical assistance aimed at those wanting to migrate legacy SharePoint ‘full trust’ code to the new SharePoint ‘App’ development model in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. The tool analyses existing code and produces a detailed migration assessment report to answer questions like:

  • “Can my code be migrated to the SharePoint App model?”
  • “Can server-side API calls be mapped to the client-side API?”
  • “Which best practice method is available to migrate certain solution artifacts?”
  • “What is inside my farm solution?”

Gartner, one of the worlds leading technology research companies, see custom code as the main factor inhibiting companies moving to SharePoint Online and Office 365. They estimate that nine out of ten SharePoint implementations use some form of custom code solution. Without analyzing and rewriting this code these companies cannot consider moving to the latest versions of SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online, or taking advantage of the rapidly evolving capabilities of the new SharePoint App model.

RENCORE have developed the SharePoint Code Migration Assessment Tool to identify roadblocks with these farm solutions, so developers can smoothly migrate to the new App model and eventually to the Cloud.

RENCORE have worked with Microsoft to ensure the SharePoint Code Migration Assessment tool correctly assesses code for compatibility with the new App model. The tool uses a unique rules based engine to score and check code. This engine can be easily extended, and Microsoft engineers are already working together with RENCORE on providing updated rules to further enhance the analysis process and provide additional guidance.

Jeremy Thake, Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Office Developer platform at Microsoft, believes adopting the SharePoint App model should be the number one priority for organisations working with SharePoint:

“The SharePoint App Model is the future of developing business solutions on top of Office 365 and SharePoint Server. We are strongly encouraging all future development within the organizations take this direction. RENCORE’s SharePoint Code Migration Assessment tool provides the means to assess existing code and kick off the transformation to the App model. We look forward to seeing how partners utilize it in their development process”

Matthias Einig, CEO of RENCORE AB and SharePoint Server MVP, is excited to be working with Microsoft and the SharePoint community:

“The SharePoint Migration Assessment tool offers a detailed insight into existing SharePoint solutions and applications. It is the only free tool of its kind that can analyze code and understand how to migrate it to the App model. The full version of SPCAF goes even further and can assess code for quality and complexity, providing detailed advice on how to improve many aspects of implementation.”

The tool is available now from the SPCAF website.


RENCORE was founded in 2013 by Matthias Einig, a SharePoint Server MVP. The RENCORE team has a long history of working with SharePoint, having been involved in the product since 2003. They developed the core product SPCAF to help SharePoint developers, administrators and technical architects to create better, more stable, more maintainable solutions. SPCAF has been very successful, with a wide range of customers across a range of sectors.


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