SPCAF has landed and received a very warm welcome :)

4 min read
4 min read

SPCAF Beta has been release recently and let’s say it like that, the feedback since then was


In less than two weeks altogether already over 550 ppl downloaded it!

Now the first reviews and blogs are coming in, which I would like to share with you:

And many, many others tweeted about it!
Thx guys for the feedback, you simply rock!
Here are our favorites 🙂

#SPCAF will shake the #sharepoint world. Very recommended.

— Thomas Radman (@surfkidAT) 13. April 2013

Oh my God it looks incredible!: SharePoint Code Analysis Framework BETA Released!
— Mahmoud Hamed (@mhamedmahmoud) 17. April 2013

Fantastic Tool: SharePoint Code Analysis Framework released
— AlexeyKrasheninnikov (@akrasheninnikov) April 19, 2013

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) BETA <- tried it an it’s really awesome #sharepoint

— Stefan Bauer (@StfBauer) 12. April 2013

Fantastic!! SharePoint Code Analysis Framework BETA released! 

— Fabio Franzini [MVP] (@franzinifabio) 15. April 2013

SPCAF : A very useful code analysis tool for SharePoint

— Pierre Erol GIRAUDY [MVP] (@EROL_MVP) April 20, 2013

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework: Looks very interesting. <Todd />

— Todd Bleeker [MVP] (@toddbleeker) April 16, 2013

A free interesting tool for SP Developers is just released: SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)

— Göran Husman [MVP] (@GHusman) April 12, 2013

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework seems a very neat tool#Spcaf 

— Anita Boerboom (@anitaboerboom) April 22, 2013

Nice! SharePoint Code Analysis extention #vs2010 #vs2012 #sharepoint

— Wouter Heesakkers (@WalsjeWouter) 15. April 2013

Tried out couple of #SharePoint wsps with #SPCAF today. Outstanding analysis!! but some moments of shame to see some mistakes also 😉

— Sanjay Bhagia (@bhagiasanjay) 24. April 2013

Good work! SharePoint Code Analysis Framework BETA released!

–> Hope my old solutions are valid

— Arnold Boersma (@arnoldboersma) April 22, 2013

Great Visual Studio Extension to ensure SharePoint code quality: SharePoint Code Analysis Framework

— DN SharePoint Team (@365sharepoint) April 23, 2013

I just forced our project through #SPCAFHumbling experience. 568 ERRORS.

— Reidar Husmo (@reidarhusmo) 16. April 2013

Com’on… no way… “CheckId: SPC030202, Do not access SharePoint API via reflection” 🙂 #SPCAF#SPSF #SharePoint

— avishnyakov (@avishnyakov) April 22, 2013

Getting such an amazing feedback we know now that we didn’t waste our time!
Ok, actually we knew that before as we use SPCAF ourselves, but it is always nice to hear it from others :o)

So stay with us, SPCAF will improve even more. The next update v4.0.5 with bugfixes and new rules will come already tomorrow!

Give us feedback to rules by commenting directly in the documentation or through the issue tracker.

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