Webinar Q&A: Everything you need to know about Copilot licensing in 2024

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8 min read

We kicked off the month of February with an in-depth webinar on Microsoft Copilot, focusing on its licensing and pricing aspects. During the webinar, we got some very interesting questions from the attendees, which we’ve collected here.  

How many kinds of Copilots are there? 

As of February 2024, there are Copilots for different Microsoft Cloud experiences: 

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 
  • Copilot free (BING integrated) & Pro  
  • Copilot for Dynamics 365 
  • Copilot for Sales (former Viva Sales) 
  • Copilot for Windows 
  • Copilot for Azure  
  • Copilot for Power Platform 
  • Copilot Studio 
  • Copilot for Services  
  • Copilot for Security 
  • Copilot for GitHub

What do these different Copilot experiences do? Here’s an infographic to help you understand better: 


Is Copilot for Dynamics 365 also known as Copilot for Sales? 

They are not exactly the same and have some differences between the two. For example, Copilot for Sales also supports other applications such as Salesforce.  

However, Copilot for Dynamics 365 is richer in the sense that one can create contacts, accounts, opportunities by going deeper into these topics. On the other hand, Copilot for Sales acts as your email assistant, that helps you write more interesting emails.  

When you purchase Copilot for your own data, will it respect permission settings on SharePoint, etc? 

Permissions model within your M365 tenant can help ensure that data won't unintentionally leak between users, groups, and tenants – if configured properly. Copilot works only with data that everyone can access using the same underlying controls for data access used in other Microsoft 365 services. Semantic Search Index utilizes the user identity-based access boundary so that the grounding process only accesses content that the current user is authorized to access. 

Will Copilot for Sales be able to coexist with Copilot for 365 in terms of use and licenses for one user? 

Yes, everything can coexist, but you don’t get a discount from a pricing point of view. There’s no cross-Copilot bundle, so to speak, where you get 5 Copilots for a special price. That kind of pricing doesn’t exist as of now, so you must purchase every single one separately.  

What is Copilot Pro? 

This is the latest announcement from a few weeks ago. For consumers who do not own an enterprise plan – they own a personal plan for M365 or a family plan - they can now purchase Copilot Pro, which works very well in Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Purchase is also cheaper and comes at 22 EUR and not 28 EUR. Please note that specifics may of vary by region and licensing type. Main point here is that you can purchase a single license and focus here is on getting writing assistance. Copilot Pro focuses on personalized writing suggestions and assistance within web versions of Office applications.  

Will the output coming out from Copilot usage be catered to the specific apps, like Word and PowerPoint? 

You can always prompt Copilot in Word to write a lengthy piece and use Copilot Power Point to create summary points, for instance. You must set your own expectations and length, but generally, Word tends to give longer answers. On the one hand, you can ask PowerPoint to create a 5 or 50 slides deck. On Copilot for Word, you can prompt to produce 5 sentences or create a speech that is 90 minutes long. 

Is there a set of languages supported for Copilot in GitHub? 

GitHub Copilot provides suggestions for numerous languages and a wide variety of frameworks, but works especially well for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, C# and C++.  

What is the difference between Teams Premium and Copilot Microsoft 365 in regard to meetings? 

There’s only one minor feature which is different between the two. 95% of the features are similar.  

Teams Premium is built for power users or organizations that want to fully leverage Teams meetings. It includes many advanced Teams configuration settings such as advanced meeting protection like custom watermarks and end-to-end encryption, while Microsoft 365 Copilot covers deeper AI capabilities. 

How can Copilot deal with extreme language dialects? For example, Swiss German. 

Generally speaking, Copilot generates responses to users' questions in multiple languages. Copilot detects your UI language and generates responses from cases and conversations in the language present in the UI. When the input text contains mixed languages, Copilot generates responses in your UI language. 

AI is very good at testing and learning. With Copilot for meetings, will it learn what is a "good" meeting versus a "bad" meeting? 

Copilot collects data during meetings, which helps the tool derive patterns and conclusions. This data can provide insights into various aspects of meetings such as tonality, content, duration, adherence to agenda topics, participant engagement, and outcomes. Copilot can analyze the collected data to identify patterns associated with successful meetings. Good meetings have follow up actions and Copilot can wrap up the summary of the meetings.  

I can put the transcript into Chat GPT and get my answers as well and summaries etc. What is the value proposition of Copilot and is it worth the price? 

The value proposition of Copilot for meetings lies in its ability to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of meetings. Copilot can help streamline meeting processes by providing real-time assistance such as agenda management, note-taking, and action item tracking. Moreover, Copilot’s native integration with Microsoft 365 tools like Excel, PowerPoint, Loop, Whiteboard, OneNote, Word, Outlook makes it easy to incorporate it into existing processes without significant disruption. Copilot’s Microsoft Graph Integration integrates Corporate Data and Knowledge – a huge differentiator to public Chat GPT.  

If you have Entra cross tenant sync setup, can Copilot go across tenants for users to grab data from multiple tenants?  

Setups for Multi-Tenant Organisations (MTO) are not supported yet.

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If you’d like to watch the complete webinar recording, you can now get free access to the recording.   

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