Welcome home, Torsten!

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2 min read

TorstenToday I want to welcome someone very special as a new member of Rencore AB because he has played a vital role in our company history. I’m happy to announce that Torsten Mandelkow decided to leave Microsoft and join our team as CTO.

I know Torsten for many years. We have worked closely together as SharePoint consultants in a consultancy company in Germany and Torsten was the topic lead for SharePoint there. At this time Torsten started to implement the first version of SPCop in his spare time to analyze SharePoint solutions and we used it to run automated code reviews at customers. Having this tool in hand we had several great customer engagements and SPCop began to grow.
Over time, Torsten and I saw the great possibilities of the analysis engine we have built and added many more features and rules for the SharePoint code inventory, metrics and dependency analysis which let us rename to whole toolset to its today’s name SPCAF.

We realized that the SPCAF toolset did not only solve our needs in our projects but filled a general gap that basically all IT professional customizing and maintaining SharePoint have. The decision was clear, SPCAF should become commercial product to help SharePoint customers all over the world with these analysis capabilities.

This was over 3 years ago, but to make such a toolset that started of as a free-time project to become an actual product it was a long way to go and we thought we could not make it alone.

Hence Torsten decided to move to Microsoft as his next career step, also to better understand the opportunities for such a valuable product in a global market. At the same time I continued to improve SPCAF and founded Rencore AB as the company behind SPCAF. We published the SPCAF beta almost 2 years ago and the first customers began to use it, realized the great value and the time, money and trouble they could save with it and finally bought SPCAF.

Today Rencore is well known as the best and actually the only tool for a complete SharePoint code analysis that covers now not only full trust code, but also apps, any type of .NET application using SharePoint SSOM/CSOM and JavaScript. We have an awesome customer base throughout all industries, many of them in the Fortune50 and an incredible dedicated team. All, which would not have happened without your groundwork, Torsten!

So, today I’m really happy to say: Welcome home, Torsten!

Together with your experience and passion for SharePoint code analysis we will continue our story.
It’s like you’ve never been away.


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