Collaboration with Microsoft: Erwin van Hunen on PnP

3 min read
3 min read

Through the events we attend, we speak to some of the leading people in the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 community. We were thrilled when our very own Erwin van Hunen, Microsft MVP and Principal Technology Advisor at Rencore, explained how his cross-collaboration efforts with patterns and practices (PnP) align both Microsoft and Rencore’s efforts to help people get the most out of SharePoint and Office 365.

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Erwin’s mission is to help customers makes sense of the information detected in their SharePoint and Office 365 environments, how they can make things better, and be proactive in understanding what can happen in their environment. It also fits harmoniously with the work he does as a core member of PnP.

Quality standards

He goes on to explain the direct relationship between PnP and the work he does at Rencore. They both stand for doing things the correct way to the highest possible standards. PnP resources are used by millions worldwide and the team is made up of both in-house Microsoft employees and external experts providing the go-to guidelines for customizing SharePoint and Office 365.


Erwin explains further:

“The patterns and practices story of how to do things the right way is exactly what we stand for at Rencore. We help people figure out how to do things correctly and that maps directly with PnP because the whole idea with the community is to find that correct pattern or practice and create it into something people can re-use. At Rencore, we do the same things.”

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