Rencore Governance monthly update: July Roundup!

16 min read
16 min read

Hello again to our July Rencore Governance roundup! This Summer has got to be one of the hottest in a while, but we have battled the heat and are happy to have delivered some great new updates to Rencore Governance!

Over the past month, we have consolidated scans for a few services, added a download history for exporting files, upgraded our automations process, and added some more in-tool descriptions.

Check out our feature update video here!

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Scan Consolidation

Governance should be simple, easy, and fun! That is what we strive for at Rencore, and this is why we continuously revisit our features to make sure we are meeting this objective in our tooling. Rencore Governance’s scanning capabilities are a big focus as you have seen in our previous updates, and this month, we continue by consolidating multiple scans into a single scan run for Power Platform and Power Apps, Exchange, Yammer and Azure AD (Active Directory).

Rencore Governance roundup July 2022 - Scan ConsolidationExported File Download History

Early this Spring, we communicated our Audit Logs feature to identify when actions have been performed in Rencore Governance and by whom, so you can easily document and revisit when necessary. This month’s new feature adds to this documenting process by quickly giving you the ability to view the download history for each exported file.


Automations Upgrade

We have tweaked and tuned our automations process this month to make automations even more out-of-the-box friendly – and this is how – you can now easily clone your automations. Furthermore, there are new automation templates available for email use cases. Nice and efficient!

Rencore Governance roundup July 2022 - Automations Upgrade

New Descriptions

You may have seen the release of our new Microsoft 365 visibility whitepaper last month which offers you a centralized and automated best-practice approach toward Microsoft 365 governance. In keeping with great clarity, we have added more descriptions in Rencore Governance – this time for charts on the checks overview page. Check those out today!

Meet us!

We are super excited to be back at in-person events and our first port of call is the European Cloud Summit in Mainz, Germany this September. Check out our events schedule and don’t miss the chance to meet us in person!

From all of us at Rencore, have a great day and happy governing!

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