Rencore Governance monthly update: October edition!

3 min read
3 min read

Hello there! Well, summer is now truly behind us, and it’s starting to feel quite fresh now!

But don’t worry! A change in season brings a new perspective, and in keeping with that autumnal air, we have some fresh new Rencore Governance updates!

This month is all about export features, local search, and Azure AD checks.

Prefer to catch up by video? Check out our latest product update here:

Checks Export Management

In our May update, we rolled out the first export feature, allowing users to export dashboards to and from different workspaces for easier dashboard sharing.

We are glad to communicate two more export features! Now you can easily export the Checks you have created in Rencore Governance. This can be especially helpful if you would like to manage up and give those stakeholders a run-down of the policies you have enforced.

The Checks created may cover a wide range of policies and, therefore, relate to varying departments.

By heading to checks overview and clicking on the ellipses button, you can select the “export checks overview” and export as a CSV all the checks have been built into the system. Now you can manage that CSV and filter accordingly for reporting.

Data Export

Not only can you export checks, but you can also now export all the data grids to either Excel or Pdf format. Maybe you want to share the data as displayed with the Rencore Governance UI – or you want to trim the data to make it more specific. Having both PDF and Excel options gives you the freedom to do so.

Local Search

Local search is a popular feature that’s been asked for by many of you who have given us feedback. Although a simple feature, it’s an extremely helpful one that we will continue to be extending with new functionality. For now, you can search for display names to make it easier to find things, but please look out for more updates to this feature soon.

Azure AD Checks

And lastly, we have built some more checks for Azure AD:

  • Applications with certificates that are about to expire next 30 days
  • Applications with client secrets that are about to expire next 30 days
  • Applications with expired certificates
  • Applications with expired client secrets

Your opinion counts!

Please, please drop us a message if you have any features that you would love to see in our future updates. Rencore Governance will continue to grow with the ever-changing Microsoft 365 landscape, and we want your unique needs to be a part of that!

Until next time, have a great day, happy governing and see you next month!

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