SPCAF tools now available as single licenses

1 min read
1 min read

Logos265x265SPCAF is a powerful framework, which solves many different needs when developing SharePoint solutions and Apps.

  • Developers are interested in SPCop to verify their code in VisualStudio
  • Architects want to get the bigger picture of the solution with the help of SPDepend to show them the connections between the components
  • Quality managers like to see metrics which show complexity and changes in the solution throughout the development
  • Administrators require a thorough documentation what is inside of the solution to be able to maintain their SharePoint environment

Until now, the licensing model required all of the roles to use the full featured SPCAF Professional version.

But not anymore!

We are happy to offer each of the components of SPCAF now also as separate license to an attractive price!

Check out the detailed feature comparison chart to learn which SPCAF license suits your needs best.

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